Navigating a business is extra tricky these days, Says Kabir Talwar

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Business baron Kabir Talwar tells Restaurant India about the expansion plans of Fit Fresh Food (India).
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After running RSVP at The Royal Plaza Hotel for long years successfully, New Delhi-based business baron Kabir Talwar is all set to explore new opportunities in the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry. Kabir Talwar is currently running the Delhi’s top-notch clubs and restaurants like Jazbaa and Playboy at Samrat Hotel under his firm Fit Fresh Food (India).

Talking about Fit Fresh Food's expansion plans, Kabir Talwar says, "The combination of partying and dining is a delightful experience. So Fit Fresh Food (India) is coming up with new more thrilling clubs and restaurants in New Delhi and Aerocity that will exude a warm and zestful ambience with an enticing variety of food and beverages".

Business baron Kabir Talwar tells Restaurant India about the expansion plans of Fit Fresh Food (India).

What Makes Fit Fresh Food Stand Out? 

Fit Fresh Food offers a complete dining and lounging experience and is dedicated to offering a premium experimental dining experience to its clientele. In this new era of fitness consciousness, we offer people healthy-eating options which are our major plus point.

What challenges do you see in growing Fit Fresh Food?

Navigating a business is extra tricky these days.  The speed of economic and technological changes means that the right path yesterday may not work today and could be a disaster by tomorrow. Solving these dynamic problems is what separates those who excel from the companies who are closing the doors. And we are constantly working to overcome these challenges and serve our best.

What is your expansion plan growing your brand further? 

I've always been interested in the F&B and Entertainment business. I'm definitely looking forward to expanding my brand further. It'll be public as and when a decision is taken.   

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What have been the highs and lows of your entrepreneurial journey? 

I entered the business with little or no knowledge but today when I look back, I feel I've evolved a lot through the continuous process of failing, learning and performing at my best. In my opinion, there are no highs or lows; there are just lessons and their fruits.

How was the year 2018 for you in terms of achievements, overcoming major obstacles and treading a new path? 

The past year has been one of the most phenomenal years in terms of everything, I've achieved a lot, overcome some obstacles and traded various paths, but overall I've learnt a lot. In my opinion, that's most important - to go through everything and learn from it. So in a nutshell, 2018 has been a year of great learning.

What's your next trigger of growth? 

I've always believed in researching what is trending at the moment and at the same time looking for fresh and unique ways to take my business further. I'm continuously working on developing new ideas to bring something eccentric both in terms of food and lounging. My next trigger would be to upgrade and reinvent these two. And conceptualize amazing offers and deals for my clientele.

What does the road to profitability look like?

Well, no success has ever come without hard work. I'd like to say it's always your hard work, patience and determination that pays you at the end so the road to probability is purely dependent on the inputs I am putting in right now.

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