Mumbai Gets a New Asian Deli ‘Jade & Ginger’

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Nestled in a quiet by-lane in Bandra, Jade & Ginger is created by the makers of The Tanjore Tiffin Room, Bombay Taco Company, and more.

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Jade & Ginger

Mumbai has welcomed a new deli serving flavourful Asian-inspired food. Nestled in a quiet by-lane in Bandra, Jade & Ginger is created by the makers of The Tanjore Tiffin Room, Bombay Taco Company, and more.

This deli has a cosy outdoor seating area filled with plants to create a calm, vibrant, and soothing atmosphere. The bold pink and green colours evoke the freshness and richness of Asia. Jade is a cool and soothing stone. Ginger is filled with multiple benefits and used in sweet and savoury food, and in drinks throughout Asia.

Jade & Ginger

The success of Bombay Taco Company gave us the courage to let our rebel streak run wild. Asian food is becoming almost an obsession in Mumbai. However, we noticed that there was a major void in the middle market. At one end of the spectrum, we see fancy Japanese restaurants opening up across the city, and at the other end we immediately associate momos with spicy street food that leaves us wanting more., - launched a deli that would fill the gap; evoke interesting Asian flavours and rest easy on the pocket. The essence of the place is this balance, not just in terms of flavour,” shared Kishore DF, Founder of Jade & Ginger.

Jade & Ginger


Chef Parth Purandare has curated the menu offering a variety of salads, sandwiches, sliders, baos, tacos and smoothies. Salads include the Nippon Classic Salad, Asian Avocado Cobb, Katsu Chicken Salad, and Vietnamese Buff Salad to name a few.

Jade & Ginger

Jade & Ginger also offers refreshing smoothies like Gold Coast, a tropical favourite made with pineapple, banana and coconut juice; Green Goblin a drink that looks like the Hulk, made with avocado, mint and honey; Refuel, as the name suggests is an energising smoothie made with berries, yogurt and banana; and Roots is a fun smoothie made with chia seeds, pomegranate, green apple and beetroot. 

Jade & Ginger

We are excited to launch Jade & Ginger! It is comfort food for everyone; no matter your likes and dislikes or dietary restrictions, you will find something delicious on our menu. All our food is made in-house; we ensure that we get great ingredients and everything is fresh. We’ve made it a point to have salads, sandwiches, and smoothies that are delivery-friendly. We were keen to offer a choice of foods that bring together the best of flavour profiles and dishes; not always associated with Asian cuisines. We wanted this place to fit the profile of Bandra and be nimble enough to take to other exciting neighbourhoods in Bombay and beyond,” added Purandare.

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