“Local, seasonal food and door to door service will be in high trends”

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In an interaction with Restaurant India Chef Palash Ghosh talks about new innovation, food techniques and trends in the future.
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Chef Palash

Tell us something about your journey in the world of food.


My journey with food started at my home where I grew up observing my mother cooking food with full of love for the family.


How the food at Taj has changed in last 2-3 years?


In Taj we came up with an idea of serving food with mentioning calories value in our Menus. With my journey and experience at Taj Hotel Group I have focused on innovative ideas, local fresh ingredients , and finalizing the menu by doing fusion in food my past food experiences at different levels at kitchen.


How much time did you spend doing research on the food etc?


Food research is timeless effort in a chef's life, which is endless. Every day we research and develop new ideas in kitchen.


Indian food is so diverse and rich in itself. What is that one ingredient chef that you never miss in your cooking?


Fresh Coriander leaves which is one of the beautiful ingredients which enhances my food.


You have got more than 2 decades of experience working with top chefs across globe. What are the top learning that you got from these chefs that you would like to share with fellow chefs?


Innovation, consistency, perfection and passion for cooking and empathy.


Who are you targeting as your customer at Taj restaurant?


Any individual guests of any age group are our customers as we have taken extra care while designing our menus for infant guests, specific diet plan guests, allergen guests.


Chef, we see that 2020 has brought a complete change in the behavior of customers. How are you trying hard to meet their demand?


A chef's life is like a rollercoaster, it’s never hard as we are so use to with any situation to handle, Customer satisfaction is our upmost priority.



It is believed that local and seasonal will be the biggest hit in the food and beverage biz. Why so?


Local and seasonal are very fresh which directly coming to our plate from our nearby areas and are high at nutritional values. 


Also, being one of the famous destination for top weddings in Agra. How have you see the catering sector changing during the pandemic?


Good Catering sector has always taken care of guests’ wellbeing. Now a days we are more focused on healthy dishes offerings to the guests as immunity boosters.


What innovation you have introduced in that sector?


With high demands of nutritive food in food industry I have come up with an idea of designing my menus in a way that will ensure guest well-being and good health.


What according to you will be the 5 biggest trend in coming years?


Local and seasonal food, pesticides food, organic food, low carbon produce, door to door service will be in high trends.

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