Kitty KO Pumps Up the Weekend Buzz

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Kitty KO is a regular event hosted by The Lalit’s pan-Asian restaurant called OKO and serves a weekend experience that’s really amazing

  • Kritika Agrawal Correspondent, Restaurant India
Kitty KO is a regular event hosted by The Lalit’s pan-Asian restaurant called OKO and serves a weekend experience that’s really amazing

On the 28th floor, overlooking the spectacular skyline of the capital city, we were at The Lalit’s pan-Asian restaurant called OKO. The restaurant was dimly lit with candles on all the tables and DJ Aamish was playing nu-disco sounds at the background. This combination of music and food was a part of the recently held pop-up event called Kitty KO, where diners enjoyed sumptuous food with the 70s US’ retro music and 80s European dance classics. This pop-up has now been extended into a regular feature, where on Fridays DJ Aamish takes the centre-stage and different artists like Bahaar, Deep House, Humza and Rachael perform on Saturdays.


This concept of inviting artists at the restaurants has now become a common affair. Not only does it sound exciting but also helps the restaurants to attract a crowd and pump up the energy. Commenting on this trend, Keshav Suri, Executive Director, Lalit Suri Hospitality Group, says, “Kitty KO was a huge success at OKO, and we have decided to make it a regular feature. After all, there’s nothing to beat the combination of great music and fine dining. I expect to see mad crowds at OKO every weekend.”


We were presented with two menus, one from OKO and other from the Kitty KO pop-up. While the menu of Kitty KO has a brief range of dishes, one can also order from the pan-Asian OKO restaurant, which has a variety of authentic Thai, Japanese and Chinese dishes. With that, I started off with my Sangria Grandash, which was a combination of gin, vodka, orange liqueur, and white and red wine. It was an interesting drink and distinct from all the sangrias I had had in the past. Along with this we were served Chinese greens, Semillion Kothey, which was a steamed dumpling with leafy vegetables. Not only did the dish make for a great visual treat but it also had a great taste, not to forget its health quotient.


Next, we ordered Melting Cheese Bao, which was filled with assorted cheese, coriander, red onion and dehydrated garlic powder. The other delectable dishes that we had included Shahimi Pizza which had creamy miso, onion, asparagus, carrot and lettuce and Hunan-style Silken Tofu. Nevertheless, what stole the show was The Lalit’s signature cocktail drink. It was indeed not a drink but an experience – an amalgamation of Grey Goose vodka, peach schnapps, peach ice tea flamed with the flambe technique. All in all, it was surely an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind experience that I will relish for a long time.


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Kitty KO Pumps Up the Weekend Buzz
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