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Talking to Restaurant India Vinayak Gupta, Partner, Beep talks about coming up with biggest gastro-pub in Agra.
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Vinayak Gupta

Agra is one of the top tourist destinations in the world that lacked good quality nightlife. The leisure options had been limited to some cafes that were operating at the local level. Hence, Vinayak Gupta together with Deepankar Arora thought to introduce a go-to place for everyone from the locals to world travelers. “Beep generally resonates with censoring, we wanted our patrons to censor out the world, worries, daily mundane life and have uncensored fun. It’s our way of saying “when you think of enjoying & having fun, it’s only at BEEP,” added Gupta. Excerpts from the interview:

Why Agra as you were already running a successful restaurant in Noida?

The market in Agra is going through a major change. People here are stepping out and trying out new avenues. Plus being an extremely popular tourist destination, you get to cater international market as well.

How do you see the market for gastro-pub growing in the country?

The trend of going out with the family to a pub is picking up in the market. A visit to Pub is not limited to friends anymore. More and more people are getting out from their comfort zone and heading towards a casual place. This provides a great opportunity to cater to the segment that love their food and similarly cater to folks who love their drinks. In the future, the Gastropub concept would bring patrons from all age group together.

How have you designed the menu seeing the target group as Agra is more into local cuisine and menu?

Even though Agra is not more than 200 km away from Noida, the palette is so different from Delhi NCR. Agra locals love their food and are very particular with what they eat. We have included a separate Chaat Section especially to cater locals and it has been a huge hit since day 1.

Who are you targeting as your customer? What difference do you see in customer here in Delhi-NCR and at locations like Agra?

Through our ideation Beep has become one destination that is popular among peers from all walks of life. We haven’t limited ourselves to one section of the crowd. Beep caters to young working professionals, the well-established business community, foreign travelers of all ages and the list goes on.

Tell us something about the design of the restaurant?

The design of beep is very interesting, it has elements like water, use of natural wood, stone with large open spaces for fresh air & light to flow. The design allows friends & families to have privacy in our custom made cabanas or have a get together in the lounge. The party enthusiasts love the open bar and sitting around a fabulous water body. There are 2 premium sections which can cater to a gathering of 30 pax each.

It is said that the bar has a smaller shelf life than that of restaurants. And, this is a huge bar spread across 10,000 sqft. What’s your view?

With the trend changing, I feel that a gastropub will have a longer life and here to stay than regular restaurants as it acts as a bridge between a traditional restaurant and bar/pub.

You are both, a chef and a restaurateur, which job you enjoy the most?  -

It’s great to play both roles as it keeps you on the toes and never let you have a dull moment. Being a restaurateur gets you up and close with your customers. This really helps you in your kitchen and menu planning. I think being a chef makes you a better restaurateur`.

Tell us about your expansion plan?

We are presently working on 2 properties in Delhi-NCR and have seen interest from 3 other locations in North India.

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