'Indian inspired cocktails' to be the key beverages trend to look out in 2021

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Goldstein Market Intelligence analysis the forecast of India packaged non-alcoholic beverages market to grow at a CAGR of 16.2% during the forecast period 2017-2030.
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The consumers today are a whole bunch of enthusiasts who don't shy away from experiments, which cuts across age groups and demography. While for many years, people preferred Whisky and Beer with a certain section of the society choosing Wine for different occasions. This line has blurred now and it's all about discovering new tastes, beverages, cocktails, and much more. Gin and G&T have come to be very popular in recent times with many young entrepreneurs and established brands introducing contemporary beverages in this space that has caught everyone's imagination. Here are top 3 beverages trend that will see new innovations in India:

Indian Inspired Cocktails: We have seen that Indian origin flavours, ingredients and raw materials are gaining ground as we have seen that more and more players are experimenting with local ingredients and herbs. Not just restaurant menu but also beverages brands are playing and experimenting with Indian ingredients. We have also seen many brands taking inspiration from Indian flavours, stories and produce to create uniquely Indian cocktails. “Our signature serves reflect the all-day versatility of our Indian spirited Gin while paying homage to the Indian tradition of making fruit cordials and pickles, right from the fresh, flavourful Gimlets that are perfect for sipping under the sun to the deliciously savoury, aromatic Gibsons, ideal after dark. India’s long-standing culinary custom of making fresh fruit cordials as well as its pickling heritage are now being brought to the bar through our Indian spirited Gimlets and Gibsons. The Strange G&T heroes an ingredient that is found in every kitchen in India - a slice of ginger, which brings out the balance of the botanicals in the gin, resulting in a refreshing, aromatic thirst quencher. The versatility of our signature serves also enables the Gin to be paired with a wide variety of dishes and cuisines,’ shared Sakshi Saigal one of the Co-Founders at Stranger & Sons.

Social Consciousness: In today’s age, when sustainability is crucial, it is important to adapt to change. A number of companies around the globe are taking responsibility by changing their production methods, recycling material, using green energy and more! As a socially conscious brand, many brands in India are trying to incorporate this into their ethos and are striving to continuously improve their efforts and minimize environmental impact. Brands are mindful of the impact on the environment and one of the core commitments is to choose practices and partners that help them stay true to their sustainability goals.

Health is main focus: As we look forward to the change that can impact the beverage industry, health likely to be the major driving factor and with pandemic, the pace will be speeding up. There’s been a notable decline in the soft drink and aerated beverages relatively when compared to the other category of beverages. People are dawning into an era of ‘Healthy lifestyle’. The rise of healthier and wholesome beverages will bring in the bygone fruits based & other traditional beverages resumption. The shift in focus towards a healthy lifestyle will bring in a requisite for freshly made beverages free of preservatives and flavors. “People have created a demand for real fruit-rich products rather than just flavor-rich, giving a platform for products like cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and other organic juices. Hence, the consumption of beverages will descend from fully processed to semi-processed ascending towards completely natural beverages,’ added Samrat Reddy of The Drunken Monkey.

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