"India is a Land of Opportunity for Us," Rohit Kapoor, CEO- Food Marketplace, Swiggy

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In an interaction with Restaurant India, Rohit Kapoor, CEO- Food Marketplace, Swiggy talks about the group's expansion plan and trends in delivery.
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Rohit Kapoor Swiggy

What’s the future of delivery as people are now wanting to go out and experience the dining options?

I think pandemic was of course different timing in the world where delivery just shot up everywhere but apart from that people have developed consuming things at home. I don’t think that’s changing in a hurry. Like if breakfast is assumed to be cooked at home, people may seek convenience and order breakfast at home. Late night, if people are studying or people have vocations they would want to order food at late night. Also even in towns and cities where online was not that prevalent will also see adaption of online delivering much more. I think both delivery and dining trend will grow as there is lots of options to be explored in the country and future for both trends will be very strong.

Which is the best period for Swiggy when it comes to getting the largest orders?

If we talk about food habits- dinner and lunch are the biggest. Let’s say you know a couple who are both working and have a child going to school and everybody has to go out early in the morning. So, breakfast is evolving in the used case.

Zomato has entered the intercity delivery, any such plans for Swiggy? What is your view, how successful can be that model?

I think these are the things where innovations are always welcome and I think anybody innovating within the category is good. So all my good wishes to Zomato to whatever they are trying but I do believe that we don’t have immediate plans on intercity as there is so much choice to offer within the city. Like for example, I live in Gurgaon and it is very hard to imagine that what I’m not getting in Gurgaon that we can get from Delhi but beyond that right now we don’t have plans. I don’t have plans on serving our consumers need in ways and means to shape that they desire the most.

Any plans on entering global market?

Right now, India is a very strong market overall where lot of growth is happening. The market is relatively far more stable. So no immediate plans but India is a land of opportunity for us and we’ll keep seeing us expanding in markets with new geographies, new cities and in new kinds of benefits to our consumers.

Anything you want to say about Indian Restaurant Congress?

It’s a great place to exchange the ideas, thoughts and just meet people after seeing their faces in zoom for such a long period of time. So I look forward to this and wish you all the best.

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