In order to be extraordinary, you need to have the ‘extra’ in your brand- Dr. Apoorv Shah

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The wellness industry is an ever growing one and to make a mark in it, one needs to let the brand be consumer centric.
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The world of aesthetics has a lot to it than it shows. The dimensions are many and so are the opportunities. In a conversation with Dr Apoorv Shah, Owner, Richfeel Trichology Centre, we get to know how to grab success with your business and the way to be extraordinary among the ordinary.

What are the basic pieces of advice to be followed by an aesthetician to do well in the aesthetics business?
An aesthetician is somebody who understands the final aspect of beauty. We used to have beauticians but now we have aestheticians. It’s very important for an aesthetician that to be successful, they must have the cutting edge and that can come through technology, the people you have and through the experts. People can run away but technology and experts cannot. So, it is very important that a beautician or esthetician has to be somebody different from others. They must get in technology and experts.

What innovative steps are you taking to outshine other brands in this business?
We at Richfeel are now pioneering work to get associated with beauticians to open Trichology centres inside a beauty salon. The beauty salon will have the best opportunity for their clients to be treated by a Trichologist. When a customer walks in in your beauty salon, they will have the services of an expert, medically professional trichologist to treat their hair and skull problems. It would also be a win-win situation for both the sides. So, this is one type of innovation we would like to bring in the beauty industry.

Which points are more important to focus on in order to achieve more in the wellness industry?
We always keep wondering ways to make our beauty parlour business or aesthetics business grow and stand out. Entrepreneurs in the wellness industry emphasise more on achieving growth and success in their business as the competition is very high. One can achieve a lot by getting the right experts and great innovations as they are the key to success.

Amid so much competition, what keeps your spark to attain success going?
Brands keep on increasing, the customer base is getting larger, and competition keeps on happening. Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest holds true as you have to innovate and have to be extraordinary. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the ‘extra’. You have to have that extra for people to come to you otherwise there are so many options available to people that they do not know how to differentiate. The x-factor that you are going to give to your client is what will make you successful. Whether it is in terms of products, services or expertise, these are the only reasons that will take you through.

According to you, does customer centric approach works well or having a business-centric approach goes down well?
Customer centric approach always works well. Delighting customers is the way to go forward. You give customers an experience to remember, the customer is with you for life.

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