How Vanilla Nightclubs are Performing in India

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Every place that is doing good business or is popular has one or two signature dishes.
  • Nusra Deputy Features Editor

When you walk through Delhi’s aerocity, khan market or passing from Bengaluru’s new bar places you would come along India’s top instagrammable restaurants and space that has been beautifully done to cater to the new age crowds. But there is complete difference between these long format night club spaces and your neighbourhood bars.

Lately, we have seen long formats and huge nightlife places and bars opening up in India with around 18000sqft and more with lots of focus on their design and interiors. Break even for such restaurants have become difficult and how much they should earn in early years of their opening is still not answered. Few says these spaces are created for fun, experience with an image that it doesn’t have a long shelf life and would do fair amount of business in its initial years.

“If we talk about Vanilla nightclubs the lifespan is shorter than the rest of the concepts. But you can increase the lifespan by going into events, collaborations, special nights, performers and live events, and make it more interesting for people to come back again and again,” said Vishal Atreya, Managing Partner, The Pump House Bengaluru.

Gone are the days when people used to go to a place. Now you need a reason to go to a place. Talking about bigger ones it is difficult to sustain because it is human mentality of people attract people. “Whenever you call a restaurant you know there is waiting going on, you want to go there but when you enter a big place with giant football ground and see only 100 people the impression is not good,” added Ankur Chawla, Beverages Expert & Sommelier. And, when it comes to high-end restaurants and their shelf life the concept is also made in such a way that shelf life is not longer. “It is always kept in mind that in the initial years they can earn and do as much activation for having reasons for people to come back,” he briefed further.

Riding on competition

There’s no denying that India is doing a great job when it comes to nightlife and bar hopping. But there are lots of restrictions that is creating hindrance in running a successful business.  A healthy competition happens when you really have good content. But slowly restaurants are focusing on product as well and they are marketing it very well. Every place that is doing good business or is popular has one or two signature dishes.

“The competition arises when you understand a concept, point well. When you know what you are dealing into. So, having a bigger place or bigger venue doesn’t always give you an idea of who you are competing with.  The bigger the place, the bigger problems and challenges you have to face to fill it up. The competition lies within the market from other segment,” shared Atreya.

Commenting on the same, Chawla pointed, “Technically, when you (the customer) think of restaurants when going out and chose one is a restaurant’s competitor.”

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