How This Lounge Is Amalgamating The Night Club And Lounge Concept Nationally

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In a tete-a-tete with Restaurant India, Amlan Chowdhury, Owner, Barocks talks about his journey in the hospitality industry and how he is running his venture successfully despite such tough competition.
  • Shahram Warsi
Restaurant India

Amlan is trying to redefine the lounge concept which is currently present in the Indian market. He believes that India is growing rapidly in terms of this concept and is going to conquer more while being at par with American and European countries in the upcoming time. Excerpts from the interview:


Since he has pursued his graduation in the hospitality industry, it has been more than 18years for me in this industry. He was always passionate and dedicated towards the hospitality industry and wanted to start my own venture in the same.


He hail from Siliguri and shifted to Kolkata for his higher education and career. Meanwhile, this industry gave him the opportunity to work with big chains which gave him a lot of experience and knowledge about how things work here. Finally, there was a time when he realized his calling to start his own venture and that is how things began for him.

Coding the name

The name is an amalgamation of Bar and Rocks. It’s neither a conventional lounge nor a conventional night club. Barocks is a fusion of both lounge and a night club.


Over the last 10 years trends have been changing drastically. With the increase of IT industry and BPO’s, the trends are continuously changing for the lounges and bars. Young crowds are really into their work where they earn a handsome amount of money which they are ready to spend for having a unique and different experience.

Expectation from his brand

He already have six outlets in Kolkata with different names and he is continuously planning to expand more with time. Out of all, Barocks is one of the most unique and he is expecting to come up with few more ventures like this in the upcoming 2-3 years.


India and United Kingdom do have a very different culture. But India is growing at a rapid rate. The mindsets, mentality of the people have grown up in a broader way. It is developing a lot considering the Indian culture. Still India has a lot to achieve in terms of its growth in the bar and lounge culture.


It is a fusion of both a lounge and a night bar. They start from 11 in the morning and we end up at midnight. On special occasions they even end up at around 3-4 AM with special permissions. There is an USP of Barocks. They have also introduced a concept which is called A la carte unlimited---a buffet but straight from the kitchen to table. You order from the menu and eat as much as you can. This is also something which adds to their uniqueness.


So many outlets at the same location belonging to the same category is one of their biggest challenges. They avoid being monotonous as it might cause them to lose customers. Apart from that their PR needs to be very strong. The marketing cost initially is very high which adds to their difficulties.

Expansion plans

He is looking for expansions in the next 2-3 years. Initially he is trying to cover the other parts of Kolkata after which he will be planning to move pan India& abroad.    

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