How these Brands are Leading the Franchising Game

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Franchising offers a turn-key opportunity for owning a restaurant that has built-in name, recognition and a proven track record of success.
  • Reetika Bose
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Opening a restaurant is not an easy task. There are times when you want to open your own restaurant but aren't sure where to start from. Well, this article will lead you to a few brands and how they started their journey in the Restaurant Business.

For a brand to expand, franchising offers a turn-key opportunity for owning a restaurant that has built-in name, recognition and a proven track record of success.

One of the leading players in the Dessert segment, Shrey Agarwal started the The Belgian Waffle Co in 2015 and since then have grown to about 140 outlets till date. “We have seen a huge expansion in the past 3 years all the way from Tier II- and Tier III cities to suburban areas,” adds Agarwalrealizing that there is a big scope in the Waffle market leading to the expansion of the QSR market in India.

As any F&B player, they have constantly evolved. Commenting on their innovative strategies, Agarwal says,” We have recently ventured into mini pancakes, savory waffles, revamped our shakes, and introduced new waffles which are too much in demand at the moment.”

Attracting consumers call for a huge deal. In the trend-setting era, everything seems to fall in place with the correct strategy, perfect timing and a smart sense of business. Riding on the same game, Karan Tanna who started Yellow Tie Hospitality always wanted to develop a franchising management infrastructure through which they could give scalable and sustainable brands a chance to stand out. “We have identified companies that have done well on unit level economics and have borne the potential of being category leaders through their expertise of franchising, in terms of tweaking around the brand, putting the right systems in place, and made scaling possible.”

Recently, Yellow Tie Hospitality has acquired 2 brands, ‘Wok This Way’, a healthy oriental Wok concept restaurant & Umraan, a regional food-focused brand, imbibed with the local cuisines of every region.,” Our aim was to make both the brands a categorical leader in their own ventures, scaling it nationally & globally,” added Tanna further.

Food is one industry where innovation and disruption always take place. Here, if innovation is a hit, it is termed as disruption. Coffee Di Bella, an Australian chain with a presence of 3 years has laid their footprints of 25+ stores and growing in India. We are more of a premium segment of the coffee space. Rahul Leekha reasons by saying,” We import quality beans and serve fresh food over packaged foods to our customers. This is a segment that needs to be captured and we are aiming to open more than 100 stores in the next 3 years.”

And, as the market is always evolving and with a well educated Indian class that has a huge expectation from brands like these, we surely can see franchising taking a centrestage at this level.

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