How Restaurants are bringing innovation in their food & beverages

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These days there are many restaurants who have their in-house farm and plating centres to work on the innovation and creativity around food.
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Innovation and creativity is the biggest strength of any business. Restaurant business being one such business that demands continuous innovation and creativity in their offerings. To meet such demands, chefs and restaurateurs continuously work on delivering the best experience on the table. From serving the freshest, home grown, locally sourced ingredients in the menu to playing around presentation and offerings to bring out the best on the table. Not only this, these days there are many restaurants who have their in-house farm and plating centres to work on the innovation and creativity around food.

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Recently, Aditi Dugar together with her co-founder and chef Prateek Sadhu at Masque Restaurant Mumbai opened the Masque Lab, a dedicated space for their chefs to research and experiment with a whole host of seasonal ingredients and techniques that draw out the best in them. “We’re hoping to explore the boundaries of those ingredients - how do they age? How do they respond to contrasting flavours? How does one use them nose-to-tail or root-to-stem? Ultimately, how do they help bridge food cultures.” Shared Dugar who has made this space with just 12 seats centred around the kitchen, guests will be privy to their process and get insights into their wild experiments -before any of it trickles into the tasting menu at Masque.

Also, there are much more concepts are coming into the Indian market doing Japanese, Korean and other international cuisines playing around creativity and innovation. Avantika Sinha Bahl of The Embassy fame launched Kampai, a Japanese restaurant at Delhi’s one of the most sought after location, Aerocity which is totally an experience-based restaurant playing around innovation and creativity.

Going Seasonal is the Key

“My biggest strength is innovation and creativity. I along with my team spend several hours each week to think of new experiences/ dishes/ innovations that we can apply to our restaurants,” shared Bahl who introduce seasonal menus every now and then. “We will be introducing a special HANAMI (Cherry blossom season) menu in the last week of March. This is when Japan is covered in beautiful Sakura flowers. Sakrua has inspired our menu consisting of unique food and cocktails,” she added by pointing that they keep creating new experiences for their guests to enjoy something new every time they visit. And, also take regular feedback from all their guests in order to serve them in their best capacity at the restaurant.

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Hence, we can say that restaurant business is not just about food, it’s all about innovation and creativity you are bringing into the food.

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