How Mixologists are Raising the Bar so High!

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Contemporary cocktail-making is one of the most creative and lively professions in the hospitality industry.
  • Sonali Mullick Mixologist
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Cocktail culture is getting hotter by the day and mixologists are stirring up a big storm in a glass. The term ‘Mixology’ might seem new but it is there since mid-19th century though its importance has been recently restored by bartenders across the globe by experimenting skilful concoctions.

Mixologists have taken the contemporary cocktail scene to a whole new level. Though it looks easy on the eyes, it is a skilled art and brings forth a story with each sip. It’s not just mixing drinks and getting the flavours and quantities right; there is science and skill behind preparing these drinks. Every mixture is a beautiful canvas for these cocktail connoisseurs. Lot of importance is given to the aesthetics of the presentation. Their magic lies in offering full flavours using fresh ingredients and at the same time presenting the authenticity of the old favourites in a unique way.

Contemporary cocktail-making is one of the most creative and lively professions in the hospitality industry. They are literally lifting the standard on cocktails. If you ever see a cocktail and are fascinated with how it’s made, then the credit goes to a mixologist. Only a skilled professional can make a drink look fancy with the perfect combination of art and science. This creative profession is definitely here to stay as people always want to try new things and move beyond the classic cocktails. That’s the reason why there is a sudden demand for jazzy cocktails and it’s become quite popular among patrons.

There is a big difference between Bartending and Mixology. Bartending only focuses on mixing a set of concrete recipes, while mixology is an art which can only be perfected after a lot of experimentation through trial and error. When you see a cocktail that is perfectly mixed, it’s actually a piece art at play. As these cocktail connoisseurs handle a variety of customers on a daily basis, they understand the need and psyche of what they actually want. It’s always fascinating to watch liquor mix in a glass with exotic concoctions.

For many years, bartending and mixology have only been associated with men. Over the years, along with bartending, mixology as a career has gained immense popularity among women too. It’s a great time for women to venture into this unique career as it’s always fascinating to see women in this profession. They are redefining success in a unique and refreshing way. Sonali Mullick, Mixologist at Hitchki and Bayroute, has carved her way to the top and literally raised the bar! Not only does she have a flair for preparing unique and exclusive combinations, she is also known for preparing beautiful play of colours and textures which give the taste buds a treat of distinct flavours. She beautifully experiments with different concoctions and puts a lot of emphasis on its visual appeal, at the same time. Sonali has always been wowed by customers at Hitchki & Bayroute by giving a fresh twist and is one of the best in the cocktail-making business.

Mixology has influenced the way people drink in bars and has elevated the cocktail drinking culture. The demand for this profession has increased so much that now there are institutes that teach you the science of mixology. In India, this trend has already caught up and mixologists are doing very well in the industry. If one can think out of the box and have the flair to create quirky concoctions than this is the perfect profession. All in all, mixology is not just perceived as shaking or stirring, it is termed as a skill that combines art and science beautifully.

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