How Fine-Dining is Attracting Millenials

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Keeping customer comfort and satisfaction at the centre, restaurants are now playing around with concepts, innovating ambience and décor and experimenting with food.
  • Roop Pratap Choudhary
Restaurant India

There has been a recent influx of fine dining in India due to two main factors-increased disposable incomes of families and an upward graph of aspirational quotient. This trend is becoming dominant in both metros and tier II cities. Also, a lot of the credit goes to digitisation, similar to its effects on other industries, digitisation has also reshaped hospitality and F&B Industry. With consumers, experience and experimentation being the key words, digitisation has built widespread awareness about fine dining experiences in the country. Consumer demand has inspired the industry to develop differentiated and interesting experiences even outside the 5 star spaces.

Keeping customer comfort and satisfaction at the centre, restaurants are now playing around with concepts, innovating ambience and décor and experimenting with food. Understanding that eating out today is not just about food and service, it is an experience. Some brands are going back to our roots, serving authentic regional experiences or innovating with Indian ingredients and flavours. While other restaurants are experimenting with global cuisines and experiences. Both in their own way are redefining fine dining experience to take consumer expectations to new heights. And, we can say that the future will bring in remarkable changes in the fine dining F&B landscape, all in the best interest of the customers.

Entry of Affordable fine dining segment

With the rise in the percentage of the disposable income, there has been a shift in the capacity of spending and frequency of eating outside home. Also, socialising these days majorly calls for eating out at an affordable fine dining restaurant. Millennials make up the majority of dining-out customers. Almost 700 million Indians are below the age of 30 and they are dictating the demand for affordable fine dining experiences. They are willing to spend money on justifiable experiences. They are brand-prestige conscious and hence the coming up of affordable fine dining space which was missing till now.

It is extremely important that they experience the attention of the fine dining space while not burn a hole in their pocket.

It’s All about Experience

The wholistic experience is what makes dining unique and memorable. Dining is a process, while good food and being served promptly are the most important factors. The dining experience entails taking care of many more elements – staying true to the concept, setting the menu, the ambience, the music, customised cutlery, staff uniforms, etc. The uniqueness could be in terms of the authentic flavours served. Our restaurant ‘Frontier Mail’ is a rendition of the first luxury train from Bombay to Peshawar and thus we serve the most authentic Peshawari cuisine.To deliver the true experience to our diners, we have created the ambience with décor elements from the actual train, customised furniture that is in sync with theera and theme. The menu and each dish has been carefully curated according to the concept, the flavours have been kept authentic with a continuous commitment to maintain the quality of food and service. Fortunately, our customers have appreciated our efforts and have shown their fondness by dining with us repeatedly.

Hence, it is extremely critical that a fine-dining restaurant aces in all these aspects and is able to communicate to the diners on the unique propositions being offered. Constant engagement with the customers by creating innovative engagement avenues also helps. Though, a lot of F&B spaces take the help of extending offers to attract dinners, in the long run what really works is that the customers are assured of excellent services and value for their money and time spent.

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