How digital technologies are powering fresh meat start-ups

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Technology today is a game changer in the business which was once dominated by unorganized players and local shops.
  • Vineet Gupta and Yash Garg CXOs @ Republic of Chicken

India is known for being a producer for many goods and services from many decades. Considering poultry meat, India is at present the ninth-largest producer amongst all the countries in the world. This sector has seen significant growth from the past 5-10 years, and today India has the world’s largest population of livestock and is presently the second-fastest-growing processed meat and poultry market globally with a CAGR of 22% as per new research from global market intelligence agency Mintel. The country produces approximately 5.3 million MT of meat and 75 billion eggs annually. Poultry and meat are vertically integrated industries within the country and have witnessed large growth over the past few years. Technology today is a game changer in the business which was once dominated by unorganized players and local shops. It has brought much more safety and standardization to the industry. In today’s post COVID-19 world technology brings minimal human contact, as well as best in class delivery and storage to get the freshest produce to the end consumer.

Technology Has Changed the Game

We have not just witnessed tremendous growth in procurement and delivery but technology over the years has completely changed the concept of how we produce and how we can find our food over mobile applications, robotics, data and processing systems. Over the last number of years, metropolitan customers have shifted towards ordering all groceries, vegetables as well as meat and poultry products online through dedicated apps for the same. The process of ordering both ready to eat, and ready to cook products has been made easier through technology, as most people want the power of purchase to be at the click of a button.

Technology is enabling end to end processes

Online startups maintain the freshness of meat and poultry through cold storage and alternative processes from raising the livestock and poultry to processing, packaging and storage of all materials. .They work directly with farmers and are standardizing the operations at the farm level too. People have become more aware of what they eat, and where it is coming from, keeping a track on the standards, the process involved through technology will ensure more loyalty and customer satisfaction. With growing technology and expectations, the competition is no less among brands. There is also a lot more control on end to end processes, minimizing human contact, waste and reduced timelines, thus aiding the delivery of faster and better quality goods to the end consumer. For cold storage systems of meat merchandise, standardized mechanisms for storage and transportation are being set in place. Startups are taking aggressive efforts in putting in place an offer chain system that advantages the meat trade and also the end-consumers.

The Clean Advantage

Meat delivery startups also are following innovative packaging standards to confirm that the products’ period of time is improved. Vacuum packs, canning, shrink packaging, foam trays packing, etc. are some packaging techniques that are extensively getting used within the modern meat brands. Brands today are conjointly addressing the priority of providing clean slaughter facilities for clean meat production and marketing. Startups are establishing a customary transport facility with hygienically maintained closed containers that helps in transporting meat for dressing and merchandising for consumption.

A win for the customer

Technology allows businesses across sectors to stay a whole track of all processes and people at every stage of the product’s journey. For the extremely unorganized meat business that is dominated by native butchers and suppliers, technology is enabling new-age businesses to work closely with the farmers to make sure that the meat is raised right. Technology is facilitating a mixture of speed and potency that may change a meat delivery startup to manage a military of delivery boys in conjunction with higher navigation tools for the sphere employees to deliver the most effective quality meat product within the fastest potential time. Meanwhile, customers also are enabled to trace their orders in the time period. Such a strategic digital system is considering helping the standardization of the meat process. With the growth in demand for online/ app-based orders, companies are moving towards becoming more and more tech-savvy. Without a doubt, technology will help enhance all businesses across the world. Who knows the next time you order your meat, you get to pick your chicken virtually that you have been feeding.

This article is Co-Authored by Vineet Gupta and Yash Garg (CXOs @ Republic of Chicken).

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