How cloud-based POS is helping the food business grow during the pandemic

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The transformation from offline to online has not only helped the Restaurants, Hotels, Bars & Cafes to maintain a social distance but also ensured accuracy and efficiency in business execution.
  • Pravinkumar Bhandari CEO, ePaisa

With the upliftment of lockdown and surge of cases in India, businesses have reopened, and people have resumed their daily life. At this point, the priority should be to look out for business solutions to serve customers better and safe. 


The Food & Beverage industry mainly, Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Cafes, and others, were facing declines as they had to be in-direct contact with the customers and the staff members while taking manual orders, passing tickets to the kitchen, and physical bill payments. Hence, they have opted for contactless restaurant management solutions- the most acknowledged technology of all times during this pandemic. 


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The transformation from offline to online has not only helped the Restaurants, Hotels, Bars & Cafes to maintain a social distance but also ensured accuracy and efficiency in business execution. 


For instance, cloud-based technology infrastructure like eatOs which is built exclusively for restaurants of all sizes has the ability to simplify operations, improve guest experience, save costs, and engage with the community in new and innovative ways.


Features such as Inventory Management, Single Click Bulk Product upload & Lookup, Table Management & Reservation, Auto Kitchen ticket, Secure Remote Web Access, Barcode Scanning, Customised Comprehensive Reports, Multiple Contactless Payment Options, User Accounts & Permission, Customer Facing Display, Promotion, Customer Management, User-friendly Dashboard and Integrated Solution with delivery partners has proved to be the need of the hours.  


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Let us understand a few more features in details which are helping the restaurant, cafes, hotels, etc to grow business further-


Menu Management-Whether your menu is twenty items or two hundred, POS solution like eatOS makes menu management simple. It helps build menus for specific service times, special occasions, and happy hours as well.


Order at Table-Software solutions like orderOS allows your customers to Order Online, Order via Mobile App, Order and Pay at Table touchless using QR Code driven menus and payment options.


Omni Payments-It allows customers to pay however they want either through digital wallets or UPI enabled Apps. That way you won't miss out on any customers. 


Scheduling & Payroll- It helps to manage every aspect of your employee's work experience. It reduces your workload by scheduling shifts, calculating accounts, and issuing payrolls.


Digital Ordering- This feature allows you to accept online orders for your on-the-go customers so you can be prepared to serve whoever, whenever, easily without any physical contact.


Reporting & Analytics- It helps to get real-time data of your restaurant’s performance from anywhere on any device at the restaurant or the go. The Cloud-based data includes product mix, menu analytics, labor data, daily sales, voids & other operating reports all in one place.


Pay-at-Table- It is a safe and easy way of accepting payments via customer's mobile phones. It speeds up the payment process by bringing easy to use QR code-driven payment application to the table.


Multi-user environment- It helps to keep your employees in sync with multi-user technology, strengthen your team, share information seamlessly, and facilitate restaurant operations in real-time. Employees can access the system from any device anywhere.

Thus investing in a cloud-based POS system will provide access to growth and development opportunities while helping you expand your business and customer base.

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