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With global trends changing, owners of  Michelin-star restaurants getting into fast casual formats.
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Brand Evolution

Millennials' eat differently than their parents'. As a growing Restaurateur it is a constant trial to keep up with numerous food fads and crazes, as well as determining which trends are more lasting and how to adapt them to a specific market and food segment. Keeping in mind about the new age diners and customers brand evolution is a continuous process.

Evolving yourself

It is very important for any business to keep evolving if one wants to sustain in the market. No matter if you are an old age or a heritage brand, or you have opened your doors recently to the public, a constant innovation is the key in this fast evolving sector. Especially, when you are a 4th generation brand you are continuously evolving your ethos but getting it right sticking to your values by being modern is a rare combination and you have to get it right by various mixes.

Commenting on the same, Vishal Kamat, CEO, Kamat Group shares, “We have a fantastic global as well as Indian fare. But what we serve in south of India is different. The whole idea is to give our customers a differentiated experience when they come to south of India for breakfast. Those items are traditional recipes that you don’t get in a 5-star restaurant. And, that’s where the evolvement happens.”

Getting Comeback Customers’

How do you look at different trends in the world that are evolving and you try to imbibe them in your restaurant is very important these days. Burma Burma, a restaurant that has surpassed all the expectation of serving good foods and great ambiance is one of the restaurants that has seen huge return customers’. With global trends changing, owners of  Michelin-star restaurants getting into fast casual formats wherein you don’t need to go to a restaurant wearing formals in fact you can just walk in into your shorts and sleepers is the new fad. And, this as a trend has also grown in last few years and more than anything it is about the perception and the connect of a brand that draws the customer to your restaurant.

With Burma Burma we just don’t sell food, we sell experience. And, that’s why we don’t have our menu published anywhere online because we want our guest to come with zero knowledge of what it is and when that happens the expectations blow,” says Ankit Gupta, Co-Founder and Director, Burma Burma for whom global trends are already imperative and they do adopt some trends that are global fame.

“Whatever we are serving has to be true to the concept of serving to the guest,” adds Gupta who was one of the first restaurant owner to come with the concept of serving bubble tea in India.


Technology has played an important role in all sphere of the restaurant business. From getting the updated information, menu boards and now delivery being major part in the business; it has remained on the top for restaurant owners. From managing their supply chain, operations and day to day businesses, technology has played a vital role in growth of the restaurant business.

“Whether it is a new or an old age brand, one thing remains common is the product. One common thread that is ensuring the longetivity and increasing the customer base is the product itself. And, technology is enhancing that experience,” points Sahil Jain, Co-Founder, Dineout that has helped in enhancing customer experience when it comes to technology led businesses.

Hence, it is very important for a restaurant owner to spend his time and energy on making restaurant business a cohesive unit.

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