How bakery industry is innovating during the Covid-19 pandemic

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According to a research by Mintel, almost three out of four Indians have put healthy eating as a higher priority.
  • Amrinder Singh Director, Bonn Group of Industries

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has led to the rising demand for the healthy and functional bakery items like products which consists of multi grains, nuts and other healthy products. The consumers are purchasing more bakery products due to their greater variety and high health quotient as it has been seen that people suffering from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity are more prone to the deadly infection.

Actually, the rise in lifestyle diseases has encouraged the Indian consumers to put their health up the priority list much before the pandemic and the COVID has only accelerated the need of healthy eating. According to a research by Mintel, almost three out of four Indians have put healthy eating as a higher priority as compared before the outbreak. Even Global Bakery Processing Equipment Market is projected to register a healthy CAGR of 5.7% in the forecast period 2019 to 2026. This healthy pattern of eating will stay post Covid too.

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Multigrain breads will be ruling the charts

The consumption pattern of bread will see a major shift from the white breads towards more multigrain, wholegrain, specialty, ethnic and seeded breads. This is all due to the consumer’s desire for nutritious and healthier products, freshness and also more complex flavor profiles. Companies will continue to manufacture fortified and healthier products. The usages of lesser known grains such as millet and ragi will be gaining precedence over the regular flour among the baked products segment. Many companies have already started production of multigrain breads owing to their increasing preference among the consumers.

No more occupational hazards in the bakery production process

Coronavirus pandemic has paved the way for clean and hygienic environment inside the factory too. Proper maintenance of the machines and hygiene control are the important factors in the production of bakery products. It’s a matter of protecting the health of the people through a clean and hygienic environment. All the equipment, which is used in the bakery production, will be sanitised and audited regularly and any sign of the deteriorations must be fixed directly. It has been seen that many hazards in the production process can be avoided with the implementation of pest control, waste control and cleaning programmes. The people of a bakery manufacturing factory – right from top level management to all the employees-- must follow the precaution measures for maintaining a healthy environment.

Guilt-free binge will be priority

A greater awareness around health will also increase guilt among Indian consumers when they will have impulse purchases, such as bakery. Brands will be cashing in on this opportunity by strategically pairing indulgence with health benefits and creating baked goods that fit effortlessly into healthy lifestyles as the consumers will be needing positive/functional health benefits to counteract some of the guilt around indulging in this category. They will be looking for brands that can offer products that satisfy their appetite for indulgence and can satisfy their guilt with functional health benefits.

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Healthy biscuit category will continue to dominate

We have witnessed how the biscuit segment in the bakery industry has gained momentum during COVID-19 pandemic. Their affordability and availability again made them take the centre stage. The industry players also came up with the concept of fibre intake and introduced biscuits for quick metabolism. They also help maintain cholesterol and blood sugar levels in patients suffering from heart diseases and diabetes. Therefore, the companies continue to focus on innovative ingredients, and opportunities brought about by the increasing health needs of customers and changing consumer behavior to thrive in this category.

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