Hiring Bar Designers For NightClub? Read This Before You Make A Decision

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Hiring a good bar designer is highly profitable for a restaurateur as a good bar would benefit not only the owner but the clients as well.
  • Anirudh Singhal
Restaurant India

Anirudh Singhal, founder of Speedx Bars talks about why it is important for restaurateurs to hire a bar designer.

Nowadays, there is more to a dining experience than just a meal. With the rise of cocktail culture in the food and beverage industry, an extremely important factor for restaurateurs to increase sales and profits, for their restrobar, includes an impeccable bar design.  

As per various studies, it is stated that a well-designed bar layout not only increases profits and efficiency at a bar but also boosts the bartender’s morale, thereby, providing quality outputs making it extremely important for restaurateurs to hire a good bar designer.

Previously, bars were designed by the kitchen team, leading to various problems - bartenders would move to and fro from the kitchen to stir up cocktails, would spend a lot of time fetching ingredients and cleaning the counters, increasing service time and lowering the conversation duration with customers. This often led to a lack of knowledge of the intricate details, diminishing the overall experience for the patrons.

With more focus on the beverage industry, restaurateurs must realize the importance of a good bar, hiring a designer who implements new innovative bar designs, thereby, evolving the equipment matrix.

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There are various factors a bar designer could help the restaurateur decide, such as

- whether the restaurateur wants bartenders to use multiple workstations

- how many bartenders will be working concurrently

- which spirits the bar would include

- how much space the restaurant has and so on.

These points will extensively help the restaurateur to make well-informed decisions about the bar layout he/she wants to incorporate.

A good bar design redefines the way bartenders work - increasing the speed at which drinks are made leading to increased efficiency and output. This, in turn, would offer unmatchable quality and sales bringing the best out of cocktail curators providing great innovations to the beverage sector.

Bar designers make sure bartenders get to showcase their craft efficiently, permitting them to work effortlessly and promptly as everything they need would be provided at an arm’s distance.

With an increasing demand for innovative cocktails in restaurants, the number of ingredients stored behind the bar keeps growing, making it important to keep space as a priority while designing a bar to incorporate both storage and room to move for the bartender. A well-built custom bar can maximize the beverage output, double the efficiency and speed of the bartender leading the mixologists to take more complex drink orders giving customers an enhanced cocktail experience.

There are several features that make a good bar, for instance providing a good quality drip tray would enable the bartender to keep their worktops clean and assist in creating great visuals whilst the cocktails are being made. This would encourage the bartenders to prepare their drinks on these drip trays, so a guest can view and appreciate their skills and at the same time create a visual product offering to other guests in the bar.

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Speed rails are a key element in the bar as well. Designing speed rails should be done in an innovative and efficient manner. Adding curved corners helps in avoiding an accident in a high traffic bar and the padded rails are useful for less sound while placing a bottle back.

One may notice, in many bars across different cities, the bartender is quite far from the counter top to where the customer is. This happens because of deep equipment and counters between them. Therefore, it is very important for the bartender to make sure that the equipment is kept to the bare minimum depth and offer standing curves in the equipment, where the bartender can really get close to the guests, whether it be to interact with customers casually or to get the orders right. Building rails in a curved design allow the bartender to get closer to the customer while interacting.

Hiring a good bar designer is highly profitable for a restaurateur as a good bar would benefit not only the owner but the clients as well, creating a bar that will pay for itself!

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