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Each and every thing you do in a brand, you have to give importance, value to it.
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Family business, new leaders & young start-ups with unfamiliar know-how have successfully navigated today’s new normal of tough consumer demands, high-quality menu expectations and game-changing technology. These young guns have got the winning formulas of leading growth chains set to be tomorrow’s big brands. And, hence we can say that the Generation Next is all set to change the restaurant industry.

Savar Malhotra whose grand-dad started The Embassy restaurant in 1948 in CP is now actually the third generation from the family who is eating at the same table. “More than the food it was the consistency that we have to play upon. So, someone who has visited us in 1970s still expect the same in 2018,” shared Malhotra whose oldest employee is working from last 45 years and the youngest one is 25 years old in the business. It is not only the food but the guest want to see the same employees and that’s where the connection is and the brand continues to grow.

Each and every thing you do in a brand, you have to give importance, value to it. You have to see each brand needs to be taken and given that life. “The biggest problem is to get the people who can build that story and get that connect. And, we have given attention in filling these gaps. So, we have focused in getting people in every brand who have acted as the owner for the particular brand,” pointed Varun Kapur, ED, K Hospitality Corp that runs iconic restaurants chains like The Copper Chimney, The Bombay Brasserie and The Irish House to name a few.

Glamorizing the humble Dosa

North Indians have not loved dosa so much before than with the opening of this small restaurant at New Friends Colony that started almost six years back and has now expanded to two more outlets at GK2 and Gurgaon respectively. “Dosa is everyone’s most accepted comfort food. Retaining the classiness and recipe of a Dosa is very important and that’s what we have done at Carnatic Café,” said Pavan Jambagi, Co-Founder, Carnatic Café who has grown up eating the best dosa in Bengaluru, Malleswaram area which is known as the mecca for the best dosa. “I think it’s coming from reminding my life and reminiscing the same dosa,” added Jambagi who relicated the same here in Delhi.

Scaling it Right!

Scalability is not the starting point of a show when you take a brand. You take a concept and you do the best you can. Once that goes into the play then you can look into scaling. You know the product is right, what the customer want and then you can obviously sit down and plan this out. “I don’t think the business plan needs to be put first. Once you get it right, you think and make the plan to scale,” added Kapur.

Similarly, the owners at Embassy also wanted to scale their restaurant at one point but thinking about the speciality that they are serving or catering to, they dropped the plan. “We wanted to expand at one point in time and then we thought are we McDonald’s? or are we serving speciality cuisine. So, created the value of the brand,” added Malhotra who is expanding their catering and all over India.

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