Got your jab? Now grab your meal at these restaurants

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Now that we are seeing that restaurants are re-opening doors for customers, they are coming up with exciting offers to lure customers and also to encourage them that dining at restaurants are now safe.
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It’s not just in India; restaurants in many parts of the world are offering vaccinated customers huge discounts and offers to dine at their outlets. Recently, US-based &pizza has also announced that it is offering all employees and new hires a $500 bonus for getting fully vaccinated. So, it’s not just customers but restaurant are also boosting the morale of the employees by offering bonus, rewards etc.

Similarly, as restaurants are re-opening doors for customers in India, they are coming up with exciting offers to lure customers and also to encourage them that dining at restaurants are now safe. Meanwhile, with this initiative restaurants are also encouraging and showing its efforts supporting the country’s vaccination drive.

Global brands joining the drive

Earlier, this month McDonald’s India – North and East has launched ‘We Care’ initiative aimed at encouraging its customers to join the fight against COVID-19 and get themselves vaccinated.

“Vaccination is an important step in our country’s fight against the pandemic, one that requires all of us to work together and do our part, including encouraging others to get vaccinated. As a brand with a deep connect with people, we are glad to contribute towards the greater cause in our unique way for the people we serve”, said Rajeev Ranjan, COO, Connaught Plaza Restaurants.

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Similarly, Di Bella Coffee is offering free Cappuccino to everyone who simply shows his or her's Vaccine certificate to its brew crew. "Humanity & our perseverance has come a long way in a short span, never in history has a vaccine been developed at this pace & efficiency. We want to honour the human spirit & promote as many people to get vaccinated hence we are serving a Cappuccino to everyone who comes in with a vaccination certificate," added Rahul Leekha, Director- Coffee By Di Bella on the announcement.

Boosting the customer confidence

It’s time for the good days to come back and restaurants in Delhi-NCR are coming with one great news to kick off the happy season. Restaurants in Gurgaon and Delhi that resumed operation last week have also come up with similar offers to educate, ask and encourage more and more people to join the vaccination drive.

Nori, the popular Burmese, Thai and Asian restaurant in Punjabi Bagh is back in action and they come bearing some delightful news. They’re offering a FREE dish to everyone who’s partially or fully vaccinated and visits the place and are taking every possible precaution to make sure their guests feel safe and happy when dining in.

“Looks like the gloomy days are over and we’re back on the streets. Yes, the reopening came in with several restrictions but we support the government because health is our priority as well. We want our guests to feel stress free and enjoy every dish they order at Nori. Giving a Free dish is our way to encourage people to get vaccinated as quickly as possible so that they can again enjoy eating out and spending time with their friends and family,” added Kunal Motwani, Owner at Nori.

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Initiated by Varun Puri who opened his restaurant Duty Free Gurgaon last week, and had received a spectacular response from the customers, the 50 per cent offer has now attracted and encouraged many restaurant owners to jump on this idea.

“It’s not easy for us to give 50 per cent discount as we have also suffered a huge loss in the business. But the only cure to Covid is vaccine and this call we took as a brand that even though we had to run the restaurant on zero margin, we wanted to inspire other restaurants and also as a fraternity wherein people could start giving some sort of free meals, discounts in generating customer’s trust and confidence,” added Puri who is now seeing a great footfall at his restaurants wherein 70 per cent customers are corporate.

Also, Punjab Grill is offering dine-in only discounts of 10% for those who got their first vaccine dose and 20% to those who got the second dose too.

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