Five Market trends to look forward to in the hospitality sector

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With the emergence of new technology and existence of innovative minds, here are five market trends.
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With change in the economy, there has been a major shift in the decision making and the buying power of every industry, thus affecting the hospitality sector. There has been notable increase in the tourism business and so has been growth in the consumption business.

With the emergence of new technology and existence of innovative minds, here are five market trends by The Deltin, Daman to look forward to in the hospitality sector:–

Catering to Millennials: The youth today contributes to be a major part of our target audience. These GenZ is the future and the sustainability of hospitality business. Millennials, 2030 will make the majority of employment and thus, can’t be ignored. With the growing awareness of environment, these kids demand “Go Green” and work towards a better tomorrow. And, as there have been various measures already been taken for the betterment of the society, various issues that are now being concentrated are:

  • Reducing single-use plastics from their cutlery and more use of wooden, glass or paper alternatives
  • Replacing plastic bottles with fibre or fibre-glass ones
  • Use of biodegradable food wrappings
  • Installing shower-product dispenser system in lieu of providing throw away shampoo and conditioner bottles

Tech explosion: We all are well versed with the growth of technology in every industry. So is the hospitality sector at a boom with the new innovations. Guests these days aren’t satisfied with the HD television or fancy bathrooms, but now they want to control the room temperature, see the restaurant menu and order room service from their smart phones, the room needs to be equipped with all necessary electronic devices and not to forget a digital safety vault is a must. Development in technology and growing use of internet has hyped consumer expectations. Hence, Innovations allow hotels to stand out from the competition, satisfy guest expectations and attract new ones.

Increased emphasis on health and well-being: With the advent of New Year, comes an influx of new trends and topics to take note of. For an ever-changing industry, it’s important for us to keep travelers happy. So the trends that we can expect in the following years include sleep well being a priority. It is a must to keep a check on thing for hospitality industry as we claim to provide best services and comfort to our guests. People these days are keen on keeping a track of their sleep hours and more particular about their mattresses. Thus, the environment of the staycation, the comfort and the home away from home makes it a perfect sleep atmosphere. Hotels these days make sure to provide natural or organic products for room service to their guests. We believe in emphasizing on the needs of our guests and hence, are aware about the inclination of the millennials towards the use of organic products for the skin and hair.

Need for seamless technology: The hospitality industry has become far more seasoned over the last few years, due to which the organizational structure of hotels have become more complex. Hotels now need to keep a pace with seamless technology for procurement of better functioning and administration. The increased pressure on the industry to satisfy new customer expectations while managing the efficiency of how these new services are delivered has lead to the use of cloud-based solution that helps in interacting with every corner of the business: from training staff, room service, food orders, labor management, data forecasting and budgets.

Sustainability rules: Sustainability is a major objective of every entity in the hospitality business. Sustainability largely depends on the impact of a particular hotel on the environment. The more inclined an entity works towards the betterment of the society, the longer it sustains. With the cut down of water consumption, use of biodegradable equipments, use of consumable goods and energy, etc. hospitality industry has had a significant impact on the environment. Thus, being a long run gamer.

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