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Here are a few business ideas which can be explored in restaurant industry
  • Reetika Bose
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Not only a food lover but a cooking lover too can come up with a successful food business in India, which is full of food lovers. According to an analysis by apex industry body Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), the quick service restaurants (QSR) sector in India is currently growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25%, and is likely to touch the Rs 25,000-crore mark by 2020 from the current level of Rs 8,500.

By 2020 it is expected that 35% of India's population will be in urban areas by 2020 totaling to 52 crores compared to the current urban population of 34 crores.

Thus the business unfolds endless opportunities for the budding restaurateurs and entrepreneurs, who want to make their mark in the restaurant business.

Here are a few business ideas, which can be explored in restaurant industry:

Bakery: It is a dream of almost every foodie to come up with their own bakery shops, making the most fluffy and delicious cakes and pastries and selling them. Bakery products have become the important meal of the day. The varieties of breads available and celebrations for occasions have made this business reach heights.

As per a report by Technopak Advisors, a consultancy firm, the per organised café market in India, which grew almost six fold in the last five years to $230 million currently, is likely to hit $410 million by 2017, maintaining a compounded annual growth rate of 13-14 per cent. This makes cafés and bakeries as one of the most sought after business ideas as well as making business in the country.

Nutrition Coach: With the growing awareness among people related to their health, it has made the demand of nutrition coach rise to multiple levels.

All one needs to do is help the people, who want to reduce their weight and unhealthy fat accumulations from the body. The nutrition coach can help them in cutting the excess calorie intakes and in making a healthy diet to follow for certain period of time.

Addition of vegetables, fruits and healthy substance to their diet and there it is a nutrition coach making money. There are multiple courses available online as well as colleges, which offer the course.

Cooking classes: The number of cookery reality shows has encouraged half the population of the country to be a cook and try different cuisine fusions and be a master chef. One can grab the opportunity and open a cooking class for women in society or for children, who aspire to be chefs in future. If not physical classes, one can be an online tutorial, by making videos and telling people ‘how to prepare’ so and so. There are many YouTubers, who live their life only earning through their videos, which is basically their profession now.

Food Blogger: Many people first read the reviews of the food or restaurant before planning to give a visit to any restaurant or make a point to taste the particular item from the menu, thanks to the food bloggers across the online platform, who make things easy for other foodies. Food blogging has become more of a fashion than profession.

Instagram is one social media, where food bloggers have find their home. Almost all the food bloggers across the world are there, who has the maximum number of subscribers and followers in comparison to any other profession. People love food and are ready to pay their favourite food blogger to suggest them a good place to have their heart full along with tummy and get the worth of each penny.

Even restaurants pay these food blogger for their promotions, it is kind of earning from both hands, from restaurants as well as the customers.


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