“Everyone who is concerned about Hygiene & safety is our customer,” says Vishal Jindal of Biryani By Kilo

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Talking to Restaurant India Vishal Jindal, Founder, Biryani by Kilo talks about food, consumer and staff safety during Covid.
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Vishal Jindal

How Biryani By Kilo staying strong during the current lockdown?

Biryani By Kilo being primarily India leading Biryani & kebab delivery chain is in better position as Food Delivery seems to be less affected & should bounce back fastest from this crisis. Customers are preferring food delivery currently with Big Brands which they can trust for safety & hygiene. Biryani by Kilo has taken all necessary steps to ensure hygiene & safety for its employees & consumers. Customers can see all these steps at https://biryanibykilo.com/safety-standards  Also Watch BBK Safety Hygiene Video -bit.ly/2U572H1  

How much has the current pandemic affected your business?

Amongst whole of F&B, Cloud kitchens seem to be less affected. For Big Brands in Food delivery there should be a silver lining in current crisis. We are back to 70% -75% of our business volume used to do before Covid-19.

It was in the news that you had seen a spike in order during the lockdown. What are the numbers of orders you are doing daily?

BBK outlets wherever state Govts are allowing us to be open are doing quite well in current crisis too. This situation should become much better in next few weeks. We believe BBK should be in very good position to take care of this opportunity due to fast steps taken around hygiene & safety and better communication.

Who is your regular customer during this time?

Everyone who is concerned about Hygiene & safety is our customer. Celebrities, Our Regular guests, Bureaucrats, Corporate Clients, Families everyone is currently ordering through us!

What is the future of contactless delivery going forward?

Contactless deliveries are going to be future now. Restaurants will have to actively practice social distancing in every aspect, ensuring Delivery rider & customer safe delivery and food.

How have you designed your menu because I think going forward people will look at more fresh, healthy and local ingredients?

BBK is positioned to give best product in Biryani & kebabs delivery under authentic Nizami cuisine category & will continue to focus on the strengths. We will Keep on adding the regional flavors in our menus as new & fresh offerings to our customers. Also, BBK will always retain its USP to make fresh Handi Biryani for every individual order, and deliver the same Handi to customer in which Biryani is Dum cooked.

It is believed that staff is an important part of any business. How are you helping your employees during this time?

Yes, staff is an important part of any business & BBK management treats the organization as family. At BBK, we are ensuring that we keep everyone on Job so that can take care of their families. Entire Corporate team is contributing to ensure that the Staff welfare & interest are taken care of. Apart from this, Staff has been provided with Clean & hygienic rooms to stay. We do Sanitization of the rooms every day & provide 3 times healthy meals to our entire staff. Temperature monitoring happens every day which gets logged in shift logs & is also visible to all our customer on our Website. Also we all have to keep honouring the staff & delivery riders who have kept India safe. We have come out with poetry to honour these riders. Kindly watch at https://youtu.be/-c3ASzNFa70

What is your plan for expanding the brand?

To give best product in Biryani & kebabs delivery category to customers. Create strong middle management, standardization and strong focus on technology, safety, and hygiene& customer service. Also, by keeping costs low & organization lean & agile.And yet preparing for fast recovery & growth which should come soon in case of Food delivery. BBK has been also giving out lots of daily complimentary meals to needy in different cities during this crisis. Also we all have to keep honoring the staff & delivery riders who have kept India safe. We have come out with poetry to honor these riders. Kindly watch at https://youtu.be/-c3ASzNFa70. BBK will continue to expand aggressively keeping these values & ethos intact. BBK plans to grow to 150+ outlets pan India in next 3-4 years and expand to some international destinations. BBK plans to achieve Rs 500crs+ annual revenues & healthy bottom line in next 4 years.

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