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Talking to Restaurant India Sonia Puri, Co-Founder and Curator, Madam Gusto shares the dining scenes at Gurgaon.
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Sonia Puri

Sonia Puri and her husband have been travelling across the map to gather inspiration. They started their journey in 2001 as they launched their first Italian restaurant, called Italiano, in Gurgaon. “After stabilizing our first venture, we thought of exploring other cuisines from all parts of the world and that's when Madam Gusto was born,” shared Puri for whom the conceptualization of Madam Gusto has been from her own travel sojourns, where they serve the global cuisines that they have explored in their tours and trips. Excerpts from the interview:

Madam Gusto


Why Gurgaon as location?

One of the reasons is that we are based out of Gurgaon and another significant factor is that Gurgaon teems with a lot of well-travelled residents who yearn for more than just a restaurant. Launching Madam Gusto in the town helps us to serve such people with a wholesome culinary experience inspired by our travel tales.

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How have you seen Gurgaon’s nightlife changing in all these years? How is your bar different?

Gurgaon surely has come a long way when it comes to nightlife. The weekends are becoming happening and the nightlife is making the exhaustion vanish while making people come to life. However, Madam Gusto offers more than just neon lights and upbeat music but a flavoursome experience curated with global cuisines and a vibe that echoes one to "Eat, Travel & Celebrate"!

Madam Gusto


Going by the ideology, how have you designed your restaurant?

We have designed Madam Gusto in a way where the bar is the protagonist. Keeping the concept of cuisines from all across the world in mind, we have curated an interior, which includes colonial decor and a cosy, appetizing ambience.

Since, you are serving world cuisine. How much are you focusing on localization of the menu?

We are endeavouring to source authentic ingredients to make it altogether special for our patrons. We are striving to connect with food lovers by maintaining the originality of the cuisines. The aim is to teleport the guests to the different parts of the world without them actually having to fly across the globe. We are shrinking the world by putting the diverse food cultures from across the globe on one platter, one place, one name-- Madam Gusto!

Who all are your regular clients?

Madam Gusto is more of a family-restaurant, thus one can observe the regular customers to mostly be families.

Madam Gusto


How much do you believe in customer feedback? How much have you incorporated their suggestion in your product?

We believe in the philosophy of "Customers being the King". I personally review every feedback to improvise holistically and offer an enhanced and unforgettable experience to our guests. We aspire to satiate every craving of the food-lovers while matching their expectations. Anyway, we believe productive criticism is a ladder to success, thus take it very seriously.

What is your expansion plan?

The plan is to cater to more and more people by the passing day. So far, we plan by the end of this year to open one more ‘Madam Gusto’ in Delhi and indulge the people of the capital in a pool of delicious global delights.

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