Comfort Food, Unusual Combos and A Marketplace! Get It All At Comorin

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The Old World Hospitality group launched its 30th restaurant, Comorin, at DLF, Two Horizon Centre in Gurugram.
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The Old World Hospitality group, recently, launched its 30th restaurant, Comorin, at DLF, Two Horizon Centre in Gurugram. Comorin is an all-day restaurant and concept store. Even the first Monday after the launch of Comorin saw an almost packed evening, that too, without much marketing!

Rohit Khattar, Chairman, Old World Hospitality, says, “We are delighted to announce the opening of our 30th restaurant, Comorin, at the unique and vibrant hub created by DLF at Two Horizon Centre, Gurugram.  The restaurant includes a cocktail bar, coffee bar, and a market section. It is a relaxed space that encourages communal dining and welcomes guests from the offices and residences around to drop in at any time for the meal, coffee, cocktails, or to browse through the marketplace.”

The newly-launched Comorin is owned and operated by EHV, a part of the Old World Hospitality group. EHV operates Indian Accent New Delhi, London, New York, and now Comorin.

Rishiv Khattar, Director with the Company, created the concept and contracted Russell Sage Studio, a leading London-based firm, to design this hybrid space. The design is intended to create a sense of journey as guests explore the restaurant and experience it through the day.

Cherry Tomato Kachumbar, Paneer, Peanuts, Lettuce

The name Comorin is a reference to Cape Comorin at the final tip of India; this, certainly, reflects through the restaurant’s menu.

Manish Mehrotra, as EHV’s consulting chef for the restaurant, has designed a menu of comfort dishes and unusual food combinations from across the country. Sample dishes include Kanyakumari Crab Claws, Andhra Gongura Chicken, Hot Buttered Seekh Kababs, Whole Red Snapper and House Made Ice Creams. Dhiraj Dargan, who has been with the Group since he was a management trainee, is the Executive Chef at Comorin. The restaurant is operated under the leadership of Nitin Mathur, Group General Manager, EHV.

Mutton & Egg Bhurji, Hummus, Naan

The bar at Comorin features craft cocktails, including innovative sous vide infusion counter, a seasonal cocktail on tap and a unique selection of house-made beverages and sodas. Sample cocktails like a Khus Vermouth Negroni, a Nitro Mai Tai and a bottled Coffee Manhattan are featured. Beverages include a Coconut White Tea and a Rose & Bergamot Soda. Tea and coffee are offered at a separate counter, also available for takeaway.

Just in case if you want to take along the Comorin goodies, it has a marketplace within the restaurant, too. The market showcases a uniquely arranged selection of items for purchase: Comorin’s own desserts and snacks, food selections from unique vendors, coffees sourced from across the country, and a curated range of tableware, barware, and culinary accessories.

Old World Hospitality operates India's first ISO 9002 Hotel Broadway and 30 restaurants that include Oriental Octopus, The All American Diner, Chor Bizarre, Tikka Town and Eatopia. It also operates two outdoor catering units, Indian Accent at Home and Events Etc. and a wedding planning division Yuna Weddings.

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