“Cloud kitchens is the business for the present and the future”

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Sehaj Singh Kukreja and Tushar Anand, Co-founders, Cheferd Foods that owns Pizza On My Plate, Burger In My Box and Deli Salad Company talks about rising delivery during the covid-19 pandemic.
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Sehaj Singh

How the consumers' online order trends are revolving around during the pandemic?

The demand has been pretty dynamic from the start of the coronavirus pandemic to now, when the first lockdown was initiated, demand went up as restaurants were shut and all the load for food consumption was shifting to food delivery, however with rising cases and stricter lockdown, stress on healthcare systems, orders started declining rapidly as fear had set in consumer’s mind. With cases now going down in Delhi we are again seeing a rise in orders and deliveries and we expect the uptick trend to continue further. The other interesting thing was during lockdown average order values had shot up as people were ordering in bulk which has been on a decline now.

Cheffered Foods


What changes have you witnessed in consumer consumption pattern when it comes to online ordering?

During lockdown we had seen increase in Bulk orders, the other findings were that late night orders had gone down and had reduced in unit value as people were ordering for themselves and weren’t partying with friends, so group orders post 11pm was on a decline. Lunch time orders have been severely affected due to shutdowns in offices and that slot still has to go up with offices being opened across in a gradual process. Even weekend had lost their charm as consumers were abstaining from partying and meeting their friends.

Cheffered Foods


Who all are regular customers or age group who are constantly placing online orders?

We have a huge base of repeat customers and they are the ones who have been constantly ordering even during these times, they would constitute of working professionals who don’t live with their family, students, and people in the age group of 15-45.

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What is the most preferred time and cuisine of the online order placed?

The bulk of our business has been concentrated between 7pm-11pm on all days, earlier lunch hour (12pm- 3pm) was a big slot for us along with the late-night(12am- 3am) slot. Customers are cuisine agnostic however Italian, burgers and biryani are top most preferred cuisines across.

Cheffered Foods


Why cloud-kitchen model is a success during this time?

Cloud kitchens is the business for the present and the future and we are lucky to be a part of it for the past few years and even during COVID we are super bullish on the theme of cloud kitchens and its potential in the future. According to reports, Cloud kitchens could create a 1$ trillion global opportunity by 2030. Diners are becoming more comfortable with food delivery.

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Restaurant closures, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, will drive a change in how physical restaurant formats are being used, especially as shuttered businesses leave empty real estate behind. One of the main drivers of growth of the cloud kitchen market is the changing cost structures of the foodservice environment.

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