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There are chefs who are leading the restaurants, young entrepreneurs. Restaurants have moved from being a small business to a larger restaurant organization.
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There has been a continuous change in the appetite of a restaurateur, on how they want to see their store opening, growth happening. There is an appetite which hotels are building today on how they want to position their restaurant in this country. There are chefs who are leading the restaurants, young entrepreneurs. And, restaurants have moved from being a small business to a larger restaurant organization. Restaurant India South captures trends that are setting up the growth faster:

Great Brand May not be Good Businesses: Creating a brand is not easy. You need to put in lots of money to get that identity and passion needs to be channelize properly. Around the world 80 per cent of the startups fail. So, one needs be very careful about investing right. “You may have great idea, money to invest in but you are not passionate about the business. And, that’s where the business fails. So, it’s all about the passion in the business,” shares Rajeev Varman, CEO, Burger King India.

Hotels Joining the Innovation Bandwagon: Anything that is experimentative is either born out of Bengaluru or Mumbai. Whether it is the concept or the format, the design or the food it is all being done here. So it’s a market where all the restaurateurs are pulling their socks up to meet the need of the young population. “Most people would go to hotels for food options and high street food culture wasn’t that large as it is today. Innovation per say wasn’t the key in hotels but I think it’s changing now. Hotels are now focusing on looking younger, industry looking outlets to keep abreast with the sector and trend,” points Nirupa Shankar, Director, Brigade Hospitality.

Dark Kitchen is the Future of Food Biz: In the years it might happen that Lunch may become a complete delivery option. People may not want to go out for lunches and they may want to order it at their comfort. “In a city where the traffic and the need for getting the food delivered at home is growing because one doesn’t want to go out when he is hungry, FreshMenu came into existence,” shares Rashmi Daga, co-Founder & CEO, FreshMenu that has always focused on delivering fresh food at the convenience. “Quality is the paramount because there is no décor, no music. It’s only food and quality that sells in dark kitchen,” adds Daga.

Gastropub is Ruling F&B Space: There is a sudden change in the industry. With IT and the corporate boom people want to go and relax at places which are lighter and feels good after a hectic schedule or day at work. “People these days doesn’t go on a Saturday or Sunday evening but also it has become a daily norm,” adds Anirudh Kheny, Partner, 1Q1 Kitchen & Bar- Plate Project Hospitality

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