Broaster Chicken to have 70 franchised outlets by 2017

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In an exclusive interview to Restaurant India, Karan Tanna, Founder & CEO, Yellow Tie Hospitality Management LLP talks about his expansion plans in India.
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When was the brand established? Tell us about your journey in the world of food

The brand "Genuine Broaster Chicken" was established in 1953. They are the pioneers in pressure frying technology that enables fried chicken to be less oily and more juicy.

I started my first restaurant in 2012, followed by a bakery & commissary. Later I bought equity in "Kutchi King" a home grown Indian brand which we grew to 209 outlets before taking an exit in 2015. I founded Yellow Tie Hospitality in January 2016. We aim to be world’s biggest F&B franchise management company.

What makes it special to the customer?

Braoster chicken in India has entered with a theme of American Soul Indian Heart. The chicken at Broaster is cooked with a patent technology which makes it consistent and less oily. Besides the chicken, we have a menu curated by celebrity chef Harpal Sokhi . We have very interesting indo- American products like a Lamb Roganjosh burger, Firangi palak paneer dip. Jong lee burger and much more. The ambiance at outlet is American old school. All in all, we have tried to give a refreshing experience to our guests.

What innovation can we see happening in food at Broaster Chicken. What keeps you innovating the food?

Well, we have come up with very interesting fusion products. Chef Harpal has curated a menu that is Indian in taste but American in packaging. We have a lemon and chest fried chicken by chef Harpal which we call Happy fried chicken. For the first time you will see burgers like palak paneer burger, Lamb roganjosh burger and a Chinese burger with noodles called Jong-Lee burger. There is Punjabi penne pasta and makhni pasta.

For desserts we have raised the bar and come up with very executing items like Gulkand muffin and Chocolate samosa with mango ice cream.

What is the average footfall? What is your average daily?

We have started three days before and so far the average footfall has crossed 100 per day. However, it is because we are in a very high footfall area. But what is satisfying to see is that guests are coming back to us in just three days.

These days we see that the customers are not loyal to a brand. Could you please share the numbers of repetitive customers at your restaurants?

Well, I believe if the product is good, the guests are loyal towards those products. There is no brand above its products. We have tried to give products that are rich in taste and ingredients, I am sure our guests will be loyal to these products.

How are you marketing your brand right to the customers?

We are doing a lot of bloggers activities, we are inviting bloggers, guests staying in neighbourhood and food influencers to try our food and write about it. We are following word of mouth strategy.

Besides we are also very active on social/ digital media.

Talking about the supply chain process. How do you manage it?

We have outsourced our supply chain to a competent supply chain management company so that our franchisees get a periodic and consistent supply of raw material.

You have brought Chef Sokhi on board. What will be his contribution in the brand?

Chef Harpal is a house hold name in India. He has fans across all age groups and demography. His association with the brand will help us gain guests confidence. Besides he has also curated his menu that we will service at Broaster.

Going forward, what is your expansion plan?

We are targeting to open 25 outlets of Broaster chicken across India in 2016. By end of 2017 we are looking at 70 franchisee owned stores. 

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