Balancing the Game with Changing Palates

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Most of the really good tasting foods often have the highest margins.
  • Reetika Bose
Restaurant India

We learnt that while an Indian consumer likes the ambience, the food too has to meet their local taste. Restaurants have therefore adopted a multi-layered marketing strategy of attracting customers pertaining to their food demands.

 “When venturing out of your territory, there requires a seasonal change of taste and spices to meet the customer demands”, said Rushad Rustom Ginwala, Founder & CEO, Ahura Restaurants Pvt Ltd.

Every region has its own cuisines that are adaptable to a wide range of audience. You have to adapt a little bit in accordance with the taste & preferences.  A dish like Dal Makhni will be much preferred amongst the North Indians as compared to other states. Similarly, the much loved Kolkata Biryani will be in much hype for the Bengalis.

Commenting on the same, Prashant Issar, Co-founder & CEO, Squaremeal Foods Private said,” Adhering to the local taste of any particular region makes the concept clearer.”

In the restaurant industry, there are a number of tried-and-tested and creative new ways to increase profit margins. So, if you’re interested in bringing new customers, or in getting existing customers to spend more and attend more.

Better Taste Means Better Profits

With  increasing changes in consumer tastes & preferences, their service is the cornerstone of a successful restaurant, but  its exact meaning is often left open to interpretation. What makes for a positive dining experience differs greatly by the customer, however, there are a few markers of a customer’s experience that are likely to leave them with a good taste in their mouth.

Rustom further added,” A consumer needs a value for money, a meal experience that includes excellent food, service and an ambience. Whether it is any city, a customer looks for a change and that’s exactly what we have to cater to.”

Better taste means better profits. Most of the really good tasting foods often have the highest margins.

The Sense of Taste

The restaurant menu is the catalyst for the vibe of your restaurant.  This is where you’ll start when building out your overall vibe and atmosphere. Your food is the instigator.

For example, you might serve Italian, Greek, American, Chinese, Thai or something else altogether. But, whatever drives your menu also drives the vibe.

So, when organizing the vibe of your restaurant, don’t forget to factor in the taste.

What makes the perfect meal?

Most of us might envision a specific dish or a certain ingredient — a fine steak cooked medium-rare, grandma's chicken curry or mom's hearty ratatouille.

To satiate the taste buds, generations today are yearning to indulge in meals that have local produce & spices. Here are lots of ways to plate the perfect meal – it just depends on which ingredients and flavors you want to play up.

Being old school Restaurateurs, Issar added,” For us, the product is good food & good service. We are all about consumer experience and by any means ignoring consumer feedback will not work for your business.”

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