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The food delivery services were a blessing in disguise for most homes during the pandemic and the industry saw a massive surge in the usage of these services.
  • Rahul Makhija General Manager, The Park Navi Mumbai
The Park

Overtime the hospitality industry has progressed tremendously and now one does not necessarily have to get dressed up and step out to enjoy a delicious meal. We can now get lip smacking food straight from the chef’s kitchen and enjoy a restaurant like experience in the comfort of our homes all with a single click.

Who would have thought you could be eating at a restaurant in your pyjamas! The process has become so much simpler and hassle-free for a customer, no more misplaced orders or the phone calls being put on hold or listening to the engaged tone for the zillionth time. The customer can easily pick the dish by ‘most reviewed or most preferred’ from a certain restaurant /hotel. Pasta on your mind and all you got to do is punch in the search tab and there you go, a list of restaurants that serve pasta delivering to your area pops up, that’s how simple deliciousness has become. Most restaurants share pictures of the food on the menu which makes it easier for a customer to decide and confirm an order from an unfamiliar restaurant.

The convenience of delivery is so widely adapted now that not just the small restaurants but the bigger players in the market have also started to cater this service. Every hotel has a story of unique flavours hence it is also one of the primary focus to reach out to the guests visiting the hotel and also reaching out to the mass outside.

The food delivery services were a blessing in disguise for most homes during the pandemic and the industry saw a massive surge in the usage of these services. With your favourite restaurants being shut for the longest time the customers only had access to the food through home delivery. What started out as a precautionary move has now become a norm or should we say a ‘lifestyle’. Most customers have started to realise that it’s more practical to get your food delivered home than to spend your valuable time being stuck in traffic.

We also intend to bring in innovative concepts for home delivery to raise the bench mark to reach out to maximum people. The priority now is to take a restaurant like experience to the homes of the customers. We have incorporated a concept of catering with a personalised touch wherein our chef and the bartender bring in the party or celebration to your home. If you cannot come to the party, the party comes to you, all you got to do is kick back relax and get the guestlist prepared. This concept has been a rage in the western countries and we see a rising demand of the same in India. This again is a unique luxury experience as our chefs prepare the best possible menu as per the likes of the customer, each course cooked passionately and served just like it would be at a restaurant but all in the comfort of your homes. The house helps can take the break and we do not have to shout out their names to get the next course. THE Park Navi Mumbai offers this service to the guest’s comfort with a five star service at home. Hence home delivery will definitely showcase a fruitful outcome.

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