World of Waffles to enter Nepal

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Talking to Restaurant India, Dhimant Gandhi, Partner, World of Waffles talk about their business plan.
  • Pramit Gangh
Restaurant India

Tell us something about World of Waffles?

Waffles are a Belgium breakfast product. We started the concept six years back out of pure passion. Belgium products are egg based but being from a Gujarati family we wanted it to serve eggless so we bought this product as an egg less product. We keep on tweaking and playing with our menu every other year to cater to the right kind of customer.  

What is the USP of the brand?

We are the pioneers in this space. Looking six years back I doubt anybody was there particularly from the west zone where we started i.e. Mumbai we had no one, again at that juncture being into eggless space and coming with a desert concept and the waffle part was again more new. The audience was not even aware that time about benefits of waffles. Only few customers were there who used to understand the product but today people are traveling and another exposure is there so they know about the food they eat. I think we understand waffle better than anybody else.

How about menu designing?

We have different format in which we serve our food.  We are present in candy, the sandwich format and we have a signature dish as well that is called the sizzling Brownie desert where the brownies are replaced form the waffle and that goes again the Brownie Waffle.

How many outlets you are operating presently and what is the expansion plan?

We have 10 operational outlets along with three in pipeline. We recently entered into franchising and are planning to go pan India and Nepal.


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