Why waffles are no more restricted to breakfast

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Waffle has existed in India for years. It's just that the availability of it was limited.
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Waffles are no more a sweet breakfast delight that we have savoured for years. It has become a whole lot meal option with varieties of options and tastes available in the market. Globally, the chicken and waffle mafia is capturing the bar menu, restaurants space, food trucks and even new age waffle bars that are innovating with this old age Belgian product. “As per our studies in the market we find that after eating burgers and pizza for last 20 years in QSR format, the customer is looking for new food options and Waffle has emerged front runner in trending new food option,” shares Rajeev Chawla -Executive Partner Wafl which recently opened its first outlet in India.

Several restaurants in cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi are going beyond just classic waffles and creating innovative and healthy waffle options for an all-day menu option. “Waffles were always there, it's just that it had never been explored until now. I have spent most of my childhood eating ice cream waffle cones. It's just that I didn't know what an actual waffle was until I ate one in the west,” adds Saurabh Rathore, Founder & CEO of London Bubble Co.

Waffle has existed in India for years. It's just that the availability of it was limited because people have always though it as a premium product that was only catered to a particular type of customers and audience. Also, such kind of products was only accessible at the cafes and lounges at 5 Star hotels making it less accessible as a product for the masses. Hence, the main duty that these players are playing is to create awareness in the market. “The three key things that we focused on to overcome this challenge was to educate the masses on bubble waffles, pocket waffles, bubble shakes etc, to measure the same timely, and to ensure acceptability,”  Rathore adds further.

Not Limited to Breakfast:

India as a country has always lacked access to the authentic western desserts. Thus, with global trend picking up, people travelling west more frequent, these trends are much more acceptable these days. People have started accepting and embracing different cuisines and these foods are no more restricted to breakfast options. “Also, let's not forget that patterns are changing with foods. People want an easy to carry quick bites and Waffles undoubtedly fits the picture. Waffles are easy on the pocket, low on the calories compared to the traditional desserts and are super portable. I am sure no one minds a bite,” adds Chawla.

Breakfast market seems to be prospective, but restaurant these days are coming up with various menus– sweet and savoury, healthy enough for all-day long food choices. Hence, we can say that waffles could be the next big trend in the market.

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