Why Restaurants are looking at Basics, Traditional Ingredients

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In a tete-a-tete with Restaurant India, Varun Kapur, ED, K Hospitality Corp shares how restaurants can bring experience in dining.
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Creating an Experience which is beyond Standard

In the last few years restaurant people have become very well travelled and you no longer can create a standard which is not on world’s standard. People have seen so many concepts globally that you need to create something which goes beyond the standard experience. You should not create something that works in the local economy but cater to a larger audience. People are well travelled and you need to realise this when dealing with your customers.

Uniqueness is the key

Always create unexpected food experience; the one which people do not find anywhere else while you may have a theme in mind but there should be something that catches them. Using ingredients in non-traditional and smart ways is another important factor to look in mind. For e.g we are using bhoot jolokia chillis from Assam in chicken wings we do at our restaurant and people have loved it. Also, be relevance to today’s audience whether by creating something nice or by choosing a property that’s of interest to people.

Catering to a varied customers

In airports the type of consumer that comes is of very different price points whereas in restaurants there is located crowd; people who enjoy your concept comes to you. So, in airport in you need to create multiple concepts catering because you are addressing to a larger number there. Looking at airport I will see what is the profile of the people coming there and what different concepts do they need. That’s where the difference comes in. Restaurants stay true to a single concept.

What’s New

I see people going back to the basics. The entire thing about production of food, ingredients and trying to do it in the way which people see in their day to day life differently is the biggest trend. People will start going into the basics and take that learning giving back to the food. 

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