Why Indian cuisine restaurants are a big hit

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Every bite and sip of regional cuisine has an endurance to make consumers go nostalgic.
  • Charu Sharma
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Gone are the days where Indian recipes meant curry, South Indian food meant Idli Sambhar and North Indian food meant Chhole Bhature. Indian cuisine is much more varied than that. And, sticking to its roots chefs and restaurants are bringing back the lost recipes and concept.

What’s trending

Indian cuisine restaurants are the new hotspots. People these days are reverting to their regional recipes presenting culture of different regions they belong to. Every bite and sip of regional cuisine has an endurance to make consumers go nostalgic. Since, our country is divided into many regions which make it a hub of versatility and diversification. It can be observed that regional recipes has whispered its presence in the market and witnessing the growth in food industry makes our belief more firm that it will soon become loud. It is the blend of magical spices in a dish to give titillating food experience. Indian cuisine is more about spices and every spice has a reason for being there. They add flavours to food and have added health benefits as well.

A design that boasts

Regional cuisine could attract consumers by setting up an exquisite ambience where customer could relate to that nostalgia. Once consumer gets the better service experience be it cuisine, music, or an atmosphere that remains forever in their memory and give them something to resonate at an emotional level and then gradually amplify the appeal. And BAM! You hit it. "As far as customer satisfaction is concerned, lately there has been a steady increase in the significance of overall experience, rather than just the dishes and beverages,” says Jimmy Chadha, Owner of Ambrosia Hospitality, adding that it counts from plating and ambience to customer engagement and qualities of service as these are becoming the new 'footfall' pullers for a restaurant.

Restaurateurs must keep in mind that today's consumer is smart. They are always looking for something better, innovative, trendy or an elevated experience which they can take home with. “Keeping this in mind, I can foresee its importance multiply manifold in coming years, with guests becoming more aware of these factors and craving for an amazing holistic experience. Also, change being the only constant, more and more restaurants will begin to indulge in innovative and technologically advanced decors, ambiance et al to have a hold in the market" adds Chadha.

Marketing it well!

Success does not come easy. One needs to work really hard to achieve it. What could be that one thing which brings success at restaurateurs’ door? Yes, A perfectly crafted marketing plan. Once restaurateurs discern a sound marketing plan, everything would fall into place automatically. You need to be able to arouse an excitement in your customers. For example, focus on what’s trending? Retro theme! The fusion of tradition with a little innovation is eye candy.

Thus, we can say that food business has got immense potential in the years to come and even statistically it is one of the fastest growing industries.

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