Why Freshness is new Mantra in Restaurant Biz

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In conversation with Restaurant India, Unnat Varma, MD, Pizza Hut India Subcontinent talks about introducing experience.
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Creating Moment

It’s value maximisation. Customers look at three things together- food, service and experience as a comprehension of combination of getting value out of a particular concept. In today’s extremely competitive world with so many new concepts coming and offering some of the great experiences I think customers are going with the combination of all three falling in place and they can actually enjoy the moments because the moments are very special for them and they just want to make sure that the particular moment is the most exciting part of the day.

Communicating Brand Story

Pizza Hut has been the pioneer in this place in terms of offering special experiences. We are known for Bollywood dances, birthday wraps, fun with balloons for kids. In addition to that we are trying to communicate our brand story in a fun manner and that’s something we are doing by opening our kitchens because we offer the freshest of pizza, freshest of ingredients and that particular story has to come alive when you dish out all the fun that you offer to the customer. We are looking at stories because that’s becoming very important for customers these days along with the regular fun experiences to come as a brand together.

Trading on Freshness


I think there is lots of trend building towards goodness of fast food. It can be goodness associated with the sourcing; if you are sourcing the right way, the processing is done the right way, cooking is done the right way and then I think there is lots of momentum in this. Also, customers are moving from factory made products that lacks freshness and flavours. In line with the trend our brand has always stood for the fresh food. We start with flour and make pizza three to four times a day. That’s the freshness in our food and we believe that it is important to offer what is important to customer. 

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Creating Goodness in Fast Food
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