Why Food biz is welcoming more women Entrepreneurs

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And, this doesn’t end here, there has been lots of developments in restaurant and Food-tech world seeking participation from women entrepreneurs.
  • Vikram Purewal
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Have you ever been into the kitchen? Cooked food out of passion and not necessity? Try and cook it the way you want your food to be served, you will come to know about how India has created some food leaders out of passion and love.

Not coming to an end, but there was a time in India, and it does happen today, when going out was considered good for boys and staying at home was restricted to women. And, that’s how more and more women are experimenting their hand out in cooking. But there is a bigger picture attached to it, they are not only cooking behind the walls but have chosen it as business.

"I was very passionate about cooking from my childhood. From that young age itself, my interest in the food market was exuberating. The idea of opening a banquet was the result of the childhood dream. I always believed in my food and services and tried to make it better with each passing day. The path to this pedestal at one point was full of struggles. But as they say "hard work is the ladder to success" is what we have achieved, shared Usha Batra, the Woman behind Batra empire.

Today they are running their own restaurant business as well with the name of Cafe Delhi heights.  “I believe in the ideals of punctuality, particularity and discipline. My core strength has always been my confidence that helped me manage my team and work timelines nicely. Apart from the banquet I also take care of our first ever restaurant, Delhi Heights in Rajouri Garden,” added Batra who owns award winning restaurants like Café Delhi Heights.

And, this doesn’t end here, there has been lots of developments in restaurant and Food-tech world seeking participation from women entrepreneurs. More than five apps in India today are Co-owned and Founded by their male counterparts. Pallavi Saxena, a young woman from Mumbai launched a platform for home chefs along with two male partners.

“I had the opportunity to personally oversee restaurant and hospitality businesses being setup and successfully run in India and abroad in the forms of Sodexo, Gloria Jeans Coffee, Yellow Chilli restaurant, and finally Wonderchef, a leading cookware brand in India by my husband Ravi Saxena. Ravi and Chef Kapoor bring an ocean of knowledge to the table, regarding food and hospitality, which makes our business model more sound and our task much easier. Moreover, Wonderchef has a vast network of 35,000 women across 800 towns and cities in the country selling products. We would leverage this vast pool of entrepreneurial women and make ZuperMeal a household name,” said Saxena who has welcomed investment from celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

Likewise, Sherry Anne Sudan, Director- Marketing, EN- The Japanese Restaurant has much more than sharing her own story. “We have come up with a special course menu to pay a tribute to the women power. Women can come and relish a wide array of appetizers, signature sushi, soup, and entree which is there in the menu,” added Sherry who is coming up with her own restaurant in Gurgaon soon.

From being a mother, wife and Sister, the women have garnered their leadership quality to the world.

“Leadership roles between a man and a woman completely depend on the individual’s potential and capability in terms of skills, knowledge and experience. Today, women are every bit of competent leaders who are managing their personal and professional lives with ease. Women are being entrusted with greater responsibilities and are achieving greater heights in their careers. The era when men dominated the work arena and women use to take care of the household responsibilities has long passed,” opined Kanika Hasrat, General Manager, Courtyard by Marriott Gurgaon.

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Why Food biz is welcoming more women Entrepreneurs
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