Why Food and Theme Should Balance Each Other

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Opening a theme based restaurant requires other things too rather than just picking up a good location or customizing the menu.
  • Shahram Warsi
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One of the best things about opening a restaurant of your own is that it provides you with multiple occasions to broadcast and enhance your creative skills. You can design the restaurant in your own style by giving a personalized touch. This uniqueness can be a major factor which can attract customers towards your restaurant. However, establishing a theme based restaurant as compared to normal restaurants is completely different.

Opening a theme based restaurant requires other things too rather than just picking up a good location or customizing the menu. A customer usually looks for a good atmosphere and ambience followed by great food at a theme based restaurant. One of the major challenges a restauranteur faces while coming up with a theme based restaurant is deciding the theme they should adopt for their restaurant. With so many themes available in the market it’s very important to choose the right theme for your venture which will sustain for a long time.

“Theme attracts people. I believe that to run a venture you need two things keeping the customers in mind which is the quality of food and the theme of your restaurant. Theme often plays an important role in attracting customers towards a brand,” says Rishi Singhal, Owner, Fly Kouzina.    

Key points for the restaurateurs to keep in mind while planning a theme-based restaurant:-

Finding the right theme: Finding a right theme for your restaurant is the primary thing before moving towards the idea. Analyzing what exactly you want and then decorating the interiors according to your plan requires a great effort. From the entrance to the lightings, everything should go according to the theme.

Features: A typical theme based restaurant comes along with a different and unique menu. The menu should contain product with a name that is appropriate with the theme. Diners who like to invest in the theme based restaurants expect much more than a full belly and a lighter wallet.

Marketing your theme restaurant: Social media platforms have certainly gained a lot of use than ever before. In today’s time, each and everything is connected with social media even the restaurants. Restauranteurs are now using social media for communicating with their target audiences. The internet provides the owners to get creative enhancing their feature so that a light of curiosity is generated among the customers.

Considerations: The theme of the restaurant should continue into the seating area with the arrangements made according to the theme. Even the staffs should be totally aware about the theme they are serving in. They should be familiar with the terms and ideology related to every bit of the theme. There are a lot of opportunities for restaurateurs to earn in quick interval of time by starting a theme based restaurant of their own. Selling merchandise and high priced meals to packed audiences generate a huge amount of revenue. You even get a chance to create a your own theme which will eventually make you exclusive and also help in attaining a different name in the industry. 


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