Why Drinks are No more Accompaniment with Food

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Customers are no more looking at simple alcoholic or beverages option, there drinks are full of adventurous innovations.
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The adrenaline rush that is present in this industry day in and day out is marvellous. People are bound to go with the move making sure that they are ahead in the race. Surprisingly, as the person is always high on the adrenaline he looks so young and happy even in the toughest time. This makes the people in the industry great and exciting making more new ventures and inviting new trends in the country.

For ages eating out has been the key trend in the country when somebody visits a restaurant, but in last one or two years the new age, experiential customer is also looking out for good beverages and drink options when they are dining at a place. We can say that drinks no more are an accompaniment with the food rather people go out for a good drink; over a glass of fine wine or a luxury cocktail experience.  “With new beverage companies bringing their products to India, I see choices in India growing. We will hopefully see a new generation of single malts and a growing gin-drinking culture. Bartenders will also begin to get more importance and recognition in the industry in the coming days,” shares Shreyas Patel of Bootlegger Bengaluru.

Also, customers are no more looking at simple alcoholic or beverages option, there drinks are full of adventurous innovations and mix of international flavours. Citing an example, Turmeric Latte in itself was a global hit attracting thousands of global customers to try our age old haldi waala dood. Not only this, lots of innovations are happening pairing food right with the food options. For example; beer goes well with burgers, sandwiches and other finger foods, wine suits a luxury dining experience when people are out on a relaxed eating experience.  “I think the situation would be that people would always eat throughout the week be it in a food court, bar or a proper restaurant depending on their choices, therefore the markets are going to expand much faster now than before. The other thing is that having small bites and having healthy food is important. So, the consumption of food per say might go down compared to what our generations have seen. Drinking will become a part of every evening followed with quick nibbles or snacks,” points Anjan Chatterjee, Founder, Speciality Restaurants Ltd.

Also, cocktail as a drink has gained momentum in restaurants and bars. According to experts, two years ago the cocktail sale was about 2-4 per cent and today when they are reinventing the menu by imbibing little bit of madness they do 28-30 per cent of cocktails.

Thus, with all the changes that the industry is going through we can say that we can see more food and beverages options on our dining table in days to come.

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