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With a successful history as compared to other parts of the world, Indian food culture is known for discovering its local menus.
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Food in India is as diverse as its culture. And, over the years it is changing with efficiency and innovation is the food as the demand of the hour. Bringing in some regional tweaks and global parameters are the key that chefs have been focusing on to keep the industry going.

With a successful history as compared to other parts of the world, Indian food culture is known for discovering its local menus to creating thousand recipes out of that local, fresh and indigenous spices and ingredients which it boasts of.

Sticking to the basics

Though progressively moving Indian food industry has seen a push in the trend where chefs are sticking to the basics or are going more traditional introducing lots of Tamasha around food and its presentation. “ Keep your food the way it is for years is what I believe in as Indian food is one of the best known food globally,” shares Chef Anthony En Yuan Huang, Executive Chef, JW Marriott Bengaluru who believes in keeping a food in its original form rather than playing with its and making it all together a different item.

Since, Indian food till today is said to be or remembered as Punjabi food and to break this myth Indian chefs globally are coming up with a modern version of the cuisine popularly known as progressive Indian cuisine where they are promoting the lost ingredients, traditional recipes and undiscovered spices from unexplored regions of India. “We need to support and promote our product, ingredient. The recipes need to be tried and tested before we bringing into for masses,” adds Chef Vijay Anand Bakshi, Corporate Chef who is running multi award winning restaurant Paradise known for its Biryani and chicken recipes.

It’s all about the INGREDIENT

The selection of ingredients can make or break a restaurant. And as food now a days is married with tourism, people are looking for a varied menu and cuisine making the ingredient the king of the ecosystem. “Food is all about evolvement, setting up new recipes ingredients,” says Chef Ajit Bangera, Senior Executive Chef, ITC Grand Chola- Chennai who believes that there is nothing called authenticity of the food.

And, today people are going into a way faster life, their style of living, the way the cosnume food has changed as compared to five years back. Hence, they are looking for ingredients and stuffs that can prepare the same food in quicker, faster and easy ways,” points Thashvin Muckatira of One Night In Bangkok which is one of the trending pub in Bengaluru.

Meanwhile, experts also believed that since there is an acceptance of global cuisine, which India has adapted to be in tune with the global trends, there are lots happening for the betterment of their own food. Indians today are much more attracted towards food that they see on TV or are prepared by their favourite chef. “The basic is ingredients and putting them right, comments Chef Kasi Viswanathan , Vice President - SICA & Executive Chef - Radisson Blu - Atria, Bengaluru.

Adding to the same line, Amit Shukla of DS Spiceco shares, “Standardisation of inputs and ingredients play an important role in cooking food,” adding that people come for your food and not ambiance.

Thus, we can say that Indian cuisine in itself is very unique and innovative if presented well. And, with its own charm we can say Indian cuisine is here to stay.

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It's all about the Ingredient
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