What to Keep in Mind When Catering to New Age Customers

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A world class menu with a pinch of international flavours and local ingredients are gaining momentum.
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It is an old saying that customer is the king and it stands true in the restaurant business. A good restaurant is running on a loyal customer base and to make these customers’ happy they are undergoing several changes and adoption as per the customers’ demand. Food these days are not merely feeding the belly, it has become an overall experience. Customers’ these days have become choosy and perpetual where they look for an exotic and new food items every time he is dining at a restaurant.

“We are trying to in cash on these new customers by changing our menu every now and then.  We prefer to have a conversation with our guest trying to know their likes and dislikes,” shares Chef Pawan Uppal, Executive Chef, Habitat World that hold a menu engineering report through which they know the popularity of the items in the restaurant.

Communication is important

It is only after interacting with your customers’, you know about their dislikes and likes. Food these days have become a bond; a connect where people relate it to their emotions. It is difficult for a South Indian looking for his home-style food in Delhi but if the restaurants go extra mile in making the customer happy by adding that local touch in the food, that makes the customer happy, making him regular to a place.

“Well, the key to success with these guests is listening to them and then try and adapt the dishes as per their liking,” says Chef Gaurav Anand, Executive Chef at Courtyard by Marriott Bengaluru Hebbal.

Globalisation is on Menu

A world class menu with a pinch of international flavours and local ingredients are gaining momentum. As customers’ are well travelled, they look for this kind of global experience dining when spending at a restaurant. Also, food trends which are global fame are capturing these customers’ well. Waffles, pancakes, cold pressed juices and veganism as a trend are hitting up the space fast.

“I like to experiment with various global cuisines and try to serve something new on the plate of the guests. We are always planning and developing the menu based on customers preference and requirements, keeping with the food trends and seasonal requirements,” comments Chef Suresh Babu, Executive Chef, Clarks Exotica Convention Resort & Spa, Bengaluru.

Not only this, customers also want to know the portion size and nutritional value of each food that they consume making restaurants to mention the calorie count and nutritional fact attached to the food. “Since the new age guest also like to know what is the nutritional value of the food, so I try and keep myself well prepared with the nutritional value and calorie count of the food,” adds Chef Anand.

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