What's pushing the growth of 'Healthy' food segment

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In India alone, health conscious segment is catering to around 50 lakh people in top six cities.
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Everyone thinks of eating healthy but how many of us really focus on a healthy diet, is a tough step to be taken. Gradually, people are shifting towards more healthy, fresh and locally sourced diet. Gone are the days when Butter Chicken Masala, Paneer Tikka were the top ordered dishes of the menu, but today consumer is more aware about the over dose to a particular food. And, hence they are shifting from a traditional diet to a ‘Health- Conscious’ diet.

In India alone, health conscious segment is catering to around 50 lakh people in top six cities including Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai; and is growing at 10-15 per cent annually with a market size of Rs 12,500 crore at present.

With change in lifestyles, increasing health and wellness awareness and consumers' food and beverages product choices, restaurants are focusing on catering to a menu where health has been taken care of.

Young and Tech savvy consumer

As consumers are moving towards a world class job and lifestyle due to high disposable income they are more mature to decide on what they are eating and what’s mix in their food. And, it is pushing restaurants and chefs to play on healthier ingredients. From popular burger chains bringing in healthy and green ingredients in their menu to celebrity chefs promoting health and safe food on TV.

“There is sudden rise in the number of Lacto vegetarian Diet, Vegan Diet, Low Carb Diet and some people are even turning to Organic and Gluten-free diets. This is happening because of the stressful, hectic and unhealthy eating life, “shared Chef Ashivini Kumar of Sheraton Mumbai who keeps on renovating the menu according to customer’s demand and market analysis.

Similarly, people have long working hours, are more on gadgets and they keep on researching what global restaurants is offering expecting the same kind of experience and menus in India.

“Food and beverage is seeing very definite change in terms of standalone dining options becoming much more superior and stronger than any five star hotels. Customers are looking at much more of variety and that’s why they are looking at stand alone restaurants, “added Chef Ajay Chopra who is a celebrity chef and work very closely with global hotels and restaurants bringing them to India.

The rise of packaged food industry

Other than traditional food menu and restaurants menu, packaged food and gourmet food is also on rise inviting more people to try their offerings. According to Edwin Ng, founder, Munch, a Singapore based salad and sandwich brand, women and young crowd are more experimental in terms of healthy eating. Edwin who started his business as Sandwich and gourmet brand has transformed the model to salad meal catering to young ladies in the region.

Similarly, Bengaluru based Jiyo Natural, a food start-up that calls itself a wellness brand, is tying up with corporate and IT hubs in the region to provide healthy food to their employees.

“Our core model is based on health and wellness. And, we get around 3500 orders daily from corporate and IT people in Bengaluru alone,” said Jayas Damodaran, MD, Jiyo Natural Pvt Ltd.

Thus, we can say that with increasing demand of changing food habits of consumers, food brands are focusing on topping their menu with health and wellness food.

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