What's making edible oil segment next big ground to invest in

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In tete-a-tete with Restaurant India, Ssidharth Goel,Director, KNG Agro Foods shares about edible oil business in India.
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Restaurant India

What made you enter into the edible oil category?

We had edible oil business from generations but available cooking oils are not so healthy, that’s why I am working on my vision of “Healthy India”.

How do you see the market for edible oil growing in the country?

In my view, edible oil market is increasing day by day but in today’s time people are getting more and more conscious about being healthy so the Healthy Oil market has a great potential.

We see there are many players who are forging on big market share in the country. What’s your share?

As you said big players has big market share but their vision is focused on their market share only but as I said you before my vision is “healthy India “and I want everyone to be healthy, these days I am trying to educate people the benefits of Sesame oil to be used in daily cooking for their Healthy Future, this is the Definition of my share.

What is your distribution network (retail, HORECA)?

Right now we are focusing on Retail but will definitely approach HORECA with our “KNG Healthy Cooking Oil” Range, in which we have5 Different Healthy Cooking Oils options.

Who are some of your top clients?

In my view every single person who is using our product is my precious client.

When did you entered into the business? How was the journey so far?

Before KNG I was having an experience of  around 7-8 years since Trading Of Edible oils and in 2008 I started KNG agro food (p) ltd., Early days were not so good but my vision to give priority to the quality made KNG a popular and trusted brand among peoples. Now days we have a good clientele to to boost off.

How are you marketing the brand right to the customer?

As being one of the first aggressive players who are projecting Sesame oil as cooking oil due to its extra ordinary benefits is a tough job but I am trying to educate people to use sesame oil via many means like face to face interactions, blogs, social platform etc. to support my vision of “Healthy India”.

Where is the manufacturing unit located?

Our unit is located very near to Delhi at Rai industrial Estate, Sonepat- Haryana

How many litres of edible oils manufactured per months?

We have an automated manufacturing and processing unit which can fulfil any demand.

What is your expansion plan?

KNG agro food (p) ltd will continue to serve people by offering new and healthy products in future to support our vision of “Healthy India” and after serving the Indian market will definitely go overseas with our global vision of “Healthy World”.

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