What's an average halt of a customer at your restaurant?

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But, there needs to be time-piece behind literally, purely from the aspect of its unique location and a beautiful sitting that it offers.
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Ever wondered, how much time a normal customer spend at your restaurants??? And, the answer is obviously yes, but generally a customer is very moody when it comes to spending time at a restaurant- he may like to sit there for hours or exit without even giving his few minutes looking at your setup.

Where ‘Time’ is money...

Depending on the location your restaurant is operating, ambience you offer and the cuisine that brings customers’ to you are some of the important factors that makes a customer’s stay longer to a place. However, it may depend on the type of restaurant- if it is a quick service or on-the-go restaurant, people would be very quick in picking up their orders. But, if it is a fine dine or casual dine restaurants, definitely one there is there to have an overall experience and here you need to be very choosy in selecting every little things involved in making your restaurant ‘The Restaurant’.

“We aim to serve all customers and close a sale within 2-3mins. The duration of how long a customer’s stays is difficult to say, as we offer our clientele free wifi and don’t have a time restriction policy. However, if a customer’s sits in solely to consume their purchase in store, on average they take between 5-20 mins,” shared Marco Crisanto, On The Go a casual dining restaurant based out of Goa.

Likewise, there are many guests who visit a restaurant actually spend more than 2 hours at the outlet. But, there needs to be time-piece behind literally, purely from the aspect of its unique location and a beautiful sitting that it offers.

“We have a very relaxed pace at Mustard and customers tend to linger for long. There is enough and more on the menu to engage them. The menu offers the comfort of old favourites while also channeling our innovation to delight, with creations like Cocktail Luchis, a bite-sized take on that Bengali lunch favourite. And what better way to wait for your meal than by perusing and choosing from our painstakingly chosen list of beers, wines and spirits,” shared Shilpa Sharma, Partner, Mustard.

Looks does matter

But, it is not food always that attracts the customer, many a time the look and feel does matter. According to Delhi based Junglee Billi, the new women centric restaurant at GK, “On an average a customer spends around 2 hours in experiencing elements of the restaurant, be it food or interiors or our product catalogues.”

And, as it is becoming a trend in itself, Bengaluru based Entrepreneur Enayet Ansari and Nikhil Kamath, have launched a cafe which charges its guest for time spent in the cafe and not its food.

“We always felt we are cheating consumer by over pricing everything. And, they when we thought why not give everything back to the consumer and break the traditional model of restaurant business. We give everything for free and charge only the rental for the space,” shared Ansari whose model is a super hit within few months of its inception.

And, hence as we are seeing some of the trendiest concepts hitting the restaurant industry, we may see the competition getting tough for a normal people to own a restaurant.  

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What’s an average halt of a customer at your restaurant?
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