What it Takes to Build a Successful Cafe Business

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Café business comprised some 11 per cent of total organised food services market in the country as per the report.
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Only a coffee lover can understand the cravings for caffeine every morning. As the stressful fast life gifts us workloads, deadlines and whatnot, caffeine comes as savior.

According to a report by Technopak Advisors, a consultancy firm, the per organised café market in India, which grew almost six fold in the last five years to $230 million currently, is likely to hit $410 million by 2017, maintaining a compounded annual growth rate of 13-14 per cent.

Café business comprised some 11 per cent of total organised food services market in the country as per the report.

Deep down a coffee lover always holds a dream of owning a café someday, after retirement may be.

Here are a few tips for aspiring café owners to help them in opening a café:

Solid business plan:

It might look like a simple experiment or a small business, if you compare it with that of restaurant business but trust me simpler the game may look, when it comes to playing, it is equally complicated.

Thus to overcome the initial hiccups, a very solid plan needs to be prepared.

The plan based on market analysis will make the other moves easier. The planning involves investment details, expected profits, return on investment, future expansion plans, investment based on profits, who your market is, how you are going to reach them, how different your café is from your competitors’ and so on so forth.

Find the right place:

Choose carefully the area, where you are going to set your café up, who all are your competitors in the area, check their menu to make room for yourself, where you can extend your wings.

Check how far is the market, from where you need to get things for your café, such as coffee beans, water, and bakery items.

Also one needs to see how the crowd is in that area, near colleges or centre of market complex.

Hire smart people:

It is another important aspect to take care of, while setting up a café. Hire people who are well trained, punctual, sincere and smart at their work, as the entire business also depends upon the aura, hygiene and behavior of the waiters as well as the food and beverage served.

One cannot miss out on how important an account is for the business, who will take care of profits, expenses, salary and billings.


Make sure you have sent the advertisements for different media channels, to let the customers know about your existence.

It will add on to your favor, if you add some coupons or gifts for the first 100 customers or something as such.

In a café, the taste of the coffee is important, but the furniture and the interior decorations also are equally important. First you please your customers with the aura, the cutlery and then with that mug of coffee.

With a magazine or a book in hand, pleasant music in the background, one can savor the coffee till the heart is full, that’s the kind of café one looks for, where one can enjoy alone as well as with friends.

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What it Takes to Build a Successful Cafe Business
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