We will be launching exotic products from around the globe- Nutratec

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In an exclusive interaction with Restaurant India is Raj Kumar Bhalla, Founder-Director, Shakuntla Nutratec Pvt. Ltd.
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What are your product ranges?

Our entire product range is of Mexican Flat Bread products like Masa Harina (Dough), Tortillas, Taco Shells, Tostada and Tortilla Chips.

Who are some of the clients in restaurant and hotel industry?

We are the largest Indian exporter for these products. We have nationwide B2B presence and have several 5- star Hotels, Cafes, Bars and Mexican Restaurants as our clients.

What are the operational challenges you face in the supply chain management?

The operational challenge that we face is, India needs to better its logistics services and we should reduce the bottlenecks in transit.

How do you decide prices for Indian market?

We make authentic, artisan products FRESH on imported production lines in India. The investment and overheads are substantial. Yet, we strive to be competitive and have much lower prices compared to imports. We offer very attractive discounts to the volume customers.

Are you listed with HORECA?

We are not aware of any listing.

How do you maintain food safety while packaging your products?

It’s our commitment at every step and with every employee. We have ISO 22,000 work in progress.

What is your future plan in terms of expansion?

We have just begun and have the global markets to cater to apart from the huge potential in India. We are in the process to start a wheat flour tortilla line that can make wheat wraps, Ready to Eat Roti, Pita Breads, Pizza base and several other products. Our international clients are asking for several new International food products and we will be coming up with some very exotic products from South America, Europe, Middle East and the US.

Are all the funding from your end or you are looking for any external boost?

Currently we are self funded. In this global scenario we are open to options for funding.

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We will be launching exotic products from around the globe- Nutratec
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