We want to open our next outlet in Gurgaon- Pamphilos

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Pamphilos was started in March by Sourav Deshwal and his friend at GK-I after his return from Australia where he was inspired by the people’s love for food and drinks. Talking to RI, he shares about the elements he has kept in mind while designing his
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Tell us about the concept of your restaurant?

In Greek it means ‘friends for all’ and in Spanish it means ‘lazy’. So, we develop this name and based on this name we came up with more rustic, casual and fine dining type of concept. The furniture is different and all the artwork is handmade. So, the concept is where people come and do conservations and have experience of their own. People can look for one perfect spot where there is everything, food, beverages, milkshakes, cocktails. Even the menu keeps changing in every four months.

What made you open music-themed bar and lounge?

We thought that everything should make sense. It is not just opening and serving the food, it is more to do with the artistic things. We have music-themed evenings every night, including live gigs on Wednesdays and house music on Saturdays. Even Jazz is played sometimes.

Response has been good. People are appreciating and they know us by now.

What are the different types of cuisines served at your restaurant?

We are more towards European cuisines. Earlier we have 40 items in our menu but now we have 80-85 items in our menus as per the recommendation of our customers. And also, it changes within three to four months duration.

We have seen start-ups are the new love of investors these days. What is the scene looks like at your end?

As start-up it is difficult because you have a minimal knowledge about the industry like what’s work and what does not work and what you want to achieve out of it. But time teaches you everything as learning is constant process.

How do you decide on pricing keeping your target customers in the mind?

The pricing is based on the market and the competition.

What is your marketing approach to survive in this market?

Marketing approach which we adopted is lot from social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even pamphlets.

What is your expansion plan?

We are working on two projects and wanted to target Gurgaon as next location.

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We want to open our next outlet in Gurgaon- Pamphilos
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