We have imported from every corner of the world- Satvikk

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In an exclusive conversation with Restaurant India, Vikas D Nahar, MD, Satvikk Speciality Foods Pvt. Ltd., talks about the exceptional variety of nutritious and healthy choice of fresh food products for their customers.
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Satvikk is a health food store which opened its first branch in Bengaluru in Dec 2011. It has now spread its base to 8 stores in Bengaluru. The company’s vision is to be a model in the food industry for sale of all types of vegetarian packed products and a path setter in the changing paradigm of nutritional needs and health improvement of all strata of populations. How long has your company been in the business? What is the speciality of your store?

Satvikk Speciality Foods brings to you the best quality spices, dry fruits & chocolates, sourced from the finest farms and processed at state-of- the-art facilities. With over four generations of experience in the field of food business, we strive to continuously raise our benchmark to provide services of the highest quality and excellence. Satvikk guarantees fresh and high quality food products in each and every pack.

Currently, we carry over 50 varieties of Dry Fruits, 120 varieties of Dry fruit gift box, 80 varieties of Chocolates and 60 varieties of spices aimed at servicing all areas of the food service industry. Established in the year 1978, Jain India group is one of the largest importers and exporters of spices and dry fruits. We have offices across Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Sakleshpur and distributors throughout India.

What are the star attractions of your store?

Satvikk has always been keen to provide its customers, an exceptional variety of its irresistible, nutritious and healthy choice of fresh food products. We have an extensive collection of almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios, raisins, figs, dry and wet dates, walnuts and also a few rare nuts like the macadamia nuts, Californian prunes, Hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, gojiberries and the pecan nuts are some of our star attractions. We take great care that they retain the same freshness when it reaches you.

We have a rare collection of herbs such as oregano, basil, thyme, parsley, mixed herbs and much more, to add that special flavour to your dishes. Our store is also hoarded with low calorie chips, potato lacha and much more. We also have oil-free papads, mixtures and diet snacks for the fitness freaks. We are always willing to listen to and understand your needs. We care about each and every customer as if you were part of our family.

How do you get your payments? Do you have online shopping available?

We have payment facilities like Cash, Cheque, Debit & Credit card, Coupon, DD, RTGS, NEFT etc.

Yes, you can shop online at www.satvikk.in and get free home delivery.

How do you decide on pricing for the Indian market?

We believe in right pricing and the right product for best quality and purity. All our products are priced at par in the market.

Where do you source your products from?

We have imported from every corner of the world including England, America, Australia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia and Europe that will make your taste buds roll.

What is the supply chain process at your end?

We have an in-house cold storage facility and more than 30,000 sq. feet of space for storage, sorting, and packing the products.

Name some of your niche products and clients?

Dry Fruits, Dry fruit gift boxes, Spices, Chocolates, International & Indian Food products.  Clients are Metro Cash & Carry, Max Hyper markets, Future group, Heritage, Godrej Nature’s Basket and Bigbasket.com etc.

Do you think the import laws imposed by the government are too stringent to follow?

The laws are stringent, but at the same time, are needed to protect quality and quantity of the food products that comes into the country. The laws should be for the overall betterment of the industry and should help protect the consumer interests.

What are your current activities related to branding, marketing and expansion?

We actively participate in trade exhibitions, expos and international food festivals. We also engage with our consumers on social media, Radio ads and print ads.

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We have imported from every corner of the world- Satvikk
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