We give our 100% seven days of the week

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In a tete-a-tete with Restaurant India, Sharad Madan and Chef Nuria talks about their concept of late night cafe.
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Restaurant India

Informal is one of the happening cafes in CP today after sundown. Spread across 6,000 sq ft and three floors of sprawling space with a fairy light, illuminated terrace garden and a cosy rooftop away from the buzz of CP, it has got the best interiors when it comes to designing. Curated by young Entrepreneurs Sharad Madan and Chef Nuria, this cafe is doing good business when it comes to late night meetings.

What makes your cafe different from others cafes?

When you are focused on business people, you need to understand that they are people with a high level of expectations and you need to be at 100% the seven days of the week. It is about the music, it is about the atmosphere in the place, it is about best international and local food, it is about to have the best drinks brands on the world. This kind of costumers needs to feel in the Paradise after a hard day of work.

Who is the target customer?

We are placed in the heart of Delhi, the Indian capital, so we always have that in mind. There are a lot of strong companies in the area and many of their employees are our customers. From companies of IT, finances or international journalists whose offices are based in Connaught Place are all our customers.

What are unique services provided at these cafes?

We have 20% corporate discount, happy hours, menu combos... But we know that every offer in the world never will work if the costumer does not feel wonderful in our place, so we take care a lot on the type of staff we hire (waiters, managers, chefs) with the best CV and manners, some of them with experience in VIP restaurants and bars).

What is the revenue generated out of this concept?

When Informal is at its best is when the night starts to become closer and people forget about the four walls of the office or the class room in the University. It is then when everybody mix in our cocktail party and begin to join the night like there will not be tomorrow.

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“We give our 100% seven days of the week”
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