We focus on freshly sourced ingredients: Sridhar Sigatapu, Grand Mercure

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In an interaction with restaurant India, Sridhar Sigatapu, Executive Chef, Grand Mercure shares the supply chain management process at his hotel.
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Restaurant India

What all things come along in designing your restaurant menu?

Location of restaurant, profile of the guests visiting restaurants, target markets and feeder markets from where the guest would come are some of the important factors of designing a menu.

Meanwhile, size and equipments used in kitchen are other important factors which contribute in creating a perfect menu.

What menu tweaks are you planning to introduce to stand out from the crowd?

We focus on freshly cooked food and freshly sourced ingredients from local markets. We try to make the best of home comfort foods incorporating innovative concepts and unique presentations.

Tell something about the supply chain management in your hotel. Who are the suppliers?

We focus on freshly sourced local food and we are in touch with some local farms to source the ingredients.

What types of cuisines are served at your restaurant?
We are a mix of Global cuisine.

How familiar are you with the legalities involved in opening a restaurant?

There are many licenses involved and we have a separate legal team to support us on that front

Are you planning to open up your own restaurant?

I love working for hotels….

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We focus on freshly sourced ingredients: Sridhar Sigatapu
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